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DIY Over-The-Counter Colorado Elk

Season Dates: 

August 31st - September 29 (2013)



With over 130 Over-The-Counter (OTC) Units availble to hunt in Colorado, there are a lot of opportunities for Elk Hunters.

These OTC tags can be purchased and any license dealer as well as Walmart.

Remeber!!! You must have your Hunters Safety Card to get the tag, and must carry it with you in the field while hunting. Wardens are looking to give tickets on this!!!


With this tag being either sex it gives a lot more opportunity for hunters. There is a "minimum" point restriction on bulls. A Legal bull must have either 4 poins on one side or have a brow tine longer than 5 inches.

This is a 4 week season. The 3rd week is open for muzzleloader hunters as well, so that means a ton more pressure.

The last 2 weeks of this season is when the rut really starts to kick in. Although you will see bulls with cows and hear bugles the 1st two weeks as well.

Be prepared to put some miles on your boots and you should think about packing in a ways to get away from the other hunters.

If you dont live close enough to do some scouting, Google Earth should be your new best friend. Use google earth to find access points to the high country, there are literally Elk everywhere. You just need to get into an area where other hunters have not pressured the animals.

I reccommend getting an add-on program for Google earth from ($40) Here is the link to the Colorado version: Hunt GPS Maps These add-on maps will show you all of the Public and Private land. It also gives you land owner names, which you might be able to contact for permission to hunt.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife

Colorado Big Game Brochure


Non-Resident Either Sex Elk Tags Cost - $586.00


PM me if you are looking for more info.











 Great info there Eric, I

 Great info there Eric, I only go OTC and have seen Elk everytime. I travel from the UK Bi-yearly to hunt Elk in Colorado and must say, Google earth has been a great help, but also forums such as this one have really helped me in getting the best from my hunts.