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About Team DIY

Eric Welsh

It all started when I got my first BB gun; no lizard or bird was safe! I grew to love the outdoors and bow hunting. Thanks to my Dad, I got my first bow when I was fourteen, and in no time went from rabbits to hogs, and eventually to deer and other big game. There are times when I can't make it happen, but that's how we learn and eventually it all pays off.

There is nothing in the world like the feeling I get when I draw my bow on an animal, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's not about the kill (which is awesome), it's about being one with nature and seeing all your scouting and practice pay off. I love the animals we hunt, and I will do whatever it takes to promote conservation so that our children will be able to do the same.




 Nathan Welsh

Many years ago, my brother and I went to the same pawn shop and got our first bows. He still has his bow, but (unfortunately for me), after a few short months my limb snapped and we were never able to replace it. So for awhile, archery took a back seat for me. Recently, my brother got me back into it and I owe him.

I lead a typical, stressful, white collar life. I work long hours in the office and weekends so, needless to say I don't get much free time. I look forward to my two weeks vacation a year that I spend hunting the West for big game. When I do get an occasional weekend off, there is nothing I love more than sitting twenty feet up in a tree, stress free, enjoying nature, and waiting for a huge black bear to cross my path. I have sky dived, bungee jumped;, cliff jumped; I have even flipped a sports car going 100+ miles per hour, and none of them give you as intense a rush as staring a black bear in the eye and letting an arrow fly. It's more than just an adrenaline high, it's also getting to share these exhilarating moments with your family and friends.

I would be hard pressed to tell you a more fun activity amongst friends than, after a long hunt, to sit around the campfire, cook some back straps, drink one too many tall boys, reminisce, bond, trash talk and B.S. about the day. None of this would have ever been possible if, twenty plus years ago, my old man hadn't dragged me out of bed by bribing me with sprinkle and bear claw donuts, to take me on my first hunt; for that, I will be forever thankful!


Jeff Bahler


It all started when I was 12 years old.  My dad gave me his Sears Roebuck single shot .22, and took me out squirrel hunting.  Then he got into bow hunting.  So naturally I started wanting to do what he did.  Then when I was 16 he gave me my first bow, a Hoyt Spectra.  I followed him everywhere with that bow from California to Utah.  Then college hit I moved away, and went into my own rut for a while.  Well, a wife and 2 kids later, I went hunting birds with some friends and realized what I had left behind.  I then jumped in with both feet, and started hunting in full force.  It has been “game on” ever since!  It has been awesome hunting the same hills and states that I hunted years ago, with some new ones to boot.  You can usually find me out hunting pigs, varmints, deer, or out shooting competitively at both target and 3-D shoots.  There’s nothing like the feeling of putting a stalk on an animal and drawing back. In a few years, I will carry on the tradition, and do the same thing with my son. 


Bruce OldenKamp

Growing up on a dairy farm in Chino, California. I have been around hunting my whole life; my first real gun at 10 years old, a single shot 410 started it all for me. I have always been into hunting, but growing up playing sports all year and school made it just something I did on September first or a trip out of state for a week for deer hunting and that was it. After school I started to have time to do my own thing and I got big into firearms and hunting with firearms. I killed a few deer with my rifles, but my true passion was predator hunting. Building precision rifles loads and all that went along with it consumed me and really started the fire in me for the outdoors. I picked up archery just to have something to play with, I bought an entry level PSE Nova and I hunted a little bit with it, and killed my first buck with a bow in Utah in about 2007.

That’s when it all changed for me, I was hooked....line, sinker the whole thing! I then started looking at some better equipment:  bow, glass, gear, everything. Started playing the points game in all the states I thought I might want to hunt. Shooting my bow almost every day, talking to others and learning everything I could about the sport and getting out there and learning off trial and error. I now am consumed with archery, all aspects of it. Hunting, target, tuning or simply helping some else get started in this great sport we love. I just want to be around it. In the off season, when I can’t hunt big game you can find me shooting a local 3-D competition or a national event, hunting predators and shooting fish all with a bow. Hanging trail cameras and scouting new areas for the coming years big game hunt are a few other things that also help me get through the off season. When the season finally rolls around I try to hunt as many places/states that I can get to every year. Luckily, I have a very understanding wife that stands behind me and encourages me in all the adventures I might take.

There are no words to describe the feelings and sights you see and feel being out in Gods great outdoors, and having the opportunity to harvest one of his animal he put here for us to live off of is just icing on the cake.






Jared Tippit
 Thanks to my dad and mom I got my first bow for Christmas of 2010. By January 1st I had my first archery kill(javelina). It's all bow hunting from now on! My dad and mom both love the outdoors. My dad is a outfitter here in Arizona so I have been involved with hunting and the outdoors my whole life(all 12 yrs of it). They both taught me that hunting is a privilege and that I always need to respect that. Every year I look forward to helping my dad with glassing and scouting but the best is hanging out in the cedars in the gray light of September when the bulls are on fire. Only one thing better, getting to do that with a bow in my hand. I am also part of the M2D Camo team young guns.
Cy Weaver
Yucaipa, CA
I had my first hunting experience when I was two years old.
I've had my first bow since I was four. I got my second bow when I was eight, for Christmas, then I got my PSE Chaos when I turned eleven in June 2010. So thanks to my dad and mom for purchasing those bows for me. When I got the Chaos I was an unbelievable shooter, and always ranked first, second, or third place in all tournaments I entered. And I also took down my first big game animal with a bow in January 2011. I am so happy for all of the achievements I have done.




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