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Preparing for Hunting Season - Blake Anderson

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How to Prepare for Bow Hunting Season
If you’re as excited about this year’s season of hunting as I am, then you probably want to know if there’s anything you can do to get prepared before going out on your first hunt. While packing the right gear and materials is extremely important, there’s still a lot of other advice that will help ensure a successful season.
Gear and Materials
You could spend the entire day gathering dozens of necessary items as well as unnecessary items and still end up forgetting the most basic key items. Let’s start with the most important necessities and work our way down. For thousands of years humans have been using bows and arrows as a way to hunt for food and even wage war on enemies; so there weren’t always binoculars, GPS units and sunscreen needed on a successful hunt. Therefore, if you forget everything else, make sure to at least bring your bow and arrows along with any accessories necessary for shooting. On top of that some other important things to pack would be any extras or spares of arrow rests, sight pins, cables, wheels or strings - just in case! The reason being that if you travel a few hours to reach your favorite hunting spot and end up with a dysfunctional bow, then your entire day can be ruined if you don’t have the necessary tools and spares to quickly fix it.
Key Essentials
On top of that, you will want to make sure that you have the most basic survival elements or a trusted method for getting them. Fire, water and protection will ensure that you are ready for any situation while traveling through unknown areas. A lighter or a set of matches will guarantee that you always have access to heat for staying warm and a method for cooking food and even purifying water. Water can include simply bringing a few extra bottles of water or could include methods of purification like a filtering bottle or pump. Besides your bow, you will want to have an unfailing mode of protection such as a knife. Bows are sometimes unreliable and unfit for close combat with predators. A knife will also be more useful with fulfilling other tasks such as collecting firewood.
Ensure Success
If you have all of these key essentials prepared and still want to take it a step further to ensure complete success in the woods, then you will want to bring a hunting tree stand along with you. Tree stands match up perfectly with bow hunting because they allow you to get as close as possible to your target without scaring them away. Not only that, but it also fulfills many of your basic survival elements, because most predators can’t reach you when you’re 20 feet above the ground. While you are patiently waiting for the animal to come into your kill-zone you will be safe from snakes, dangerous spiders and other poisonous animals and insects that can quietly creep up on you. So as long as you have the necessary methods for creating a fire, collecting water and protecting yourself – then the only two necessities left for success would be your bow and a quality tree stand.