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Well I got my bow sighted in. I walked down to...
Az has carp deer? F..k yeah I’m in then. I...
hello everyone
The value of a trophy is measured in sweat and...
Insane muley!  Lots of trash on that guy....


  •  What do you think? Real or fake?


  • After going over a TON of applications, we have finally picked the new DIY "Field Staff".

    Below is the names of the 15 new DIY Field Staffers:

    Dustin Mortensbak

    Aaron Hartley

    Bubba Audis

    Dustin Jones

    David Chapman

    Corey Paulsen

    Joel Pile

    Greg Miller

    Matt Sipe

    Brett Burrier

    Faron Hembree

    Eric Baler

    Rusty Silva

    Mark Laferve

    Adam Roemer

    Thanks for all the interest.

    If your name is on the list, I will be sending you an email.

  • Hey guys,

    DIY is now looking for "Field Staff".

    We are looking for 10 bow hunters to fill these positions.

    We will stop accepting application on March 19th, 2011

    What we will require:

    1. You are an avid bow hunter

    2. You are willing to promote

    3. You are willing to log on to the forums once a week to start a new topic and reply to other topics.

    4. You must fill out the application below

  • It all started when Marlon Holden of Gray Light Productions invited me to Southern Arizona on his annual mule deer hunt. I didnt even hesitate to except, knowing all the big deer that he has seen and taken in the past.

  • Sadie Anderson is 11 years old from Surprise, AZ and was recently diagnosed with Auto- Immune Hepatitis. The disease has caused her to need a liver transplant. The family is raffling off 3 hunts to pay for this transplant.

    The little hunter need our help.

    The family is raffling off 3 Amazing Hunts.

    To win one or all of these hunts, all that you need to do is purchase some raffle tickets.

    AZ Deer hunt - 4 Days $35

    AZ Bear Hunt - $ Days $35

    Nebraska Deer Hunt in the RUT - 5 Days $50

    Or all three raffle tickets for $100

  • Check out the new CONTEST for a chance to win a new SOG Hunter Revolver Knife.

  • is sponsoring the Hunt.Fish.Feed evrnt in Los Angeles on Monday, May 10, 2010.

    We are responsible for bringing 250+ lbs. of wild game and fish meat.

    We NEED meat donations. If anyone has some extra venison, hog meat, elk, sheep, bear, quail, duck, get the point, we will pay to have it shipped or we have three locations throughout Southern CA to drop it off. All meat donations are tax deductable.

    We also need volunteers to help serve the meals, we will be serving over 1000 people.

  • Team DIY has three new Giveaways going on this month.

    Got to Contests/Giveaways in the Forum section to enter.

    Good Luck!