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DIY is looking for Field Staff

Hey guys,

DIY is now looking for "Field Staff".

We are looking for 10 bow hunters to fill these positions.

We will stop accepting application on March 19th, 2011

What we will require:

1. You are an avid bow hunter

2. You are willing to promote

3. You are willing to log on to the forums once a week to start a new topic and reply to other topics.

4. You must fill out the application below

5. You must email 2 to 6 Archery success pictures and/or field photos

What you will get in return:

1. Your picture and Bio will be put on the site under the "Team DIY" tab.

2. You will receive 3 black DIY T-shirts, 1 DIY hat, and 1 DIY sweat shirt.

3. You will receive 3 DIY decals

4. You will recieve 50% off all DIY Gear

Please fill out the form below. When you are completed, email your 2 to 6 photos to: Field Staff Application

Good Luck!

Eric Welsh



Just submitted my application.

Have a great evening.


When will the people selected

When will the people selected to become part of the Pro Staff be notified?

I submitted mine also. Good

I submitted mine also. Good luck guys

field staff


 Hope I get in looking

 Hope I get in looking forward to talking to DIY'ers