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Insane muley!  Lots of trash on that guy....

Hunt.Fish.Food....come join us!!! is sponsoring the Hunt.Fish.Feed evrnt in Los Angeles on Monday, May 10, 2010.

We are responsible for bringing 250+ lbs. of wild game and fish meat.

We NEED meat donations. If anyone has some extra venison, hog meat, elk, sheep, bear, quail, duck, get the point, we will pay to have it shipped or we have three locations throughout Southern CA to drop it off. All meat donations are tax deductable.

We also need volunteers to help serve the meals, we will be serving over 1000 people.

As of now we have 6 volunteers. It would be great to get 10 more people to help.

Its time to give back!

Please contact me at for info about meat donations and to volunteer.


The event went great. Thank

The event went great. Thank you to everyone that donated meat and helped us serve the meals. her are some pics.