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Insane muley!  Lots of trash on that guy....

Mule Deer down in Arizona

It all started when Marlon Holden of Gray Light Productions invited me to Southern Arizona on his annual mule deer hunt. I didnt even hesitate to except, knowing all the big deer that he has seen and taken in the past.

I was there for six days and every day was tough! Marlon is an animal, his sight were set on a huge buck, and that meant hours of glassing and driving. We covered alot of ground every day. It was killing me to glass up the smaller bucks and he wouldnt even give them a second look. I was ready to go after them. I could now see why he was so successful.

We both had alot of close calls and some misses. On the last day of the hunt we were on our way back to the lodge, when Marlon spotted this buck with a couple of does about 300 yard off the road. We planned the stalk and it was on. A while later I found myself at 53 yard from the buck and I let one fly. He went less than 20 yards and fell.

This is my biggest Muley so far with a bow. It was a great opportunity to hunt and learn from such a great hunter.

Thanks Marlon!




 way to go man. great buck!!!

 way to go man. great buck!!! come to montana and lets do some doe patrol

I would LOVE to go on DOE

I would LOVE to go on DOE PATROL with you!