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DIY Hunts

  • Washington offers unlimited, over the counter tags to hunt.
    Non-resident tags cost $497.
    Most hunting is for resident herds, as the only real migratory herds are in the Olympic Park.
    The early Archery season is during the pre-rut, so most bulls sneak in quietly, but some bugling does occur.
    Best way (in my opinion) is to hunt behind closed gates on private (public walk in access) timberland.
    Mountain bikes are a great way to get back into area and find undisturbed herds.
    Every unit is capable of providing a "trophy" , but average harvest is 2-3 year old bulls.

  • With over 130 Over-The-Counter (OTC) Units availble to hunt in Colorado, there are a lot of opportunities for Elk Hunters.

    These OTC tags can be purchased and any license dealer as well as Walmart.

    Remeber!!! You must have your Hunters Safety Card to get the tag, and must carry it with you in the field while hunting. Wardens are looking to give tickets on this!!!


  • Ther are over 100 Over-The-Counter (OTC) Units to hunt Antelope in Colorado.

    Units that don't hold a lot of Antelope:

    40,60,60,63,64,65,71,72,73,74,75,76,77,78,711,741,771, and 751 (great Elk and Deer Units).

    A great place for OTC Antelope is the Eastern Side of the state. Look at the unit map HERE.

    There is a lot of State Land to hunt in Units; 93,97,98,119,123,125,126,128,129, and 135

  • Team DIY has been pretty sucessful in the last couple years harvesting Black Bears in Southern California. I will be explaining our tactics for finding and hunting these bears.


  • This past summer the wallow fire roared thru The White Mountains of Arizona which is my home.Units 1 and 27 took a beating .

  • No Buck yet :  Lessons Learned, you bet ........

  • After succefully drawing what is known as the greatest tag an Idaho resident can draw , the super hunt, i set my mind on opening day of archery august 15th. I had scouted since July 1st, patterned many deer and studied these animals i would love to harvest with my new Hoyt. The heat waves of an idaho summer can be draining for bowhunters. I would try everyway to slide into position in hopes of getting an arrow off but seemed like my luck was never gonna change, the wind would shift and id watch the buck bounce away.

  • A great spring trip to Kansas would be to plan a camping trip at Council Grove Lake.  The lake offers good white bass & crappie fishing in the spring and there is plenty of public hunting grounds within a short drive.  Council Grove is a nice lake in the heart of good turkey hunting.  

    Nonresidents would need:

    Nonresident Combination Hunt & Fish License: $112.50

    Nonresident Turkey Permit $32.50 

  • Deer season on the island is long, and with each passing month the habits of the deer fluctuate with the changes in weather and temperature. In the early part of the season you will find deer in the higher elevations, with the bears in the lower elevations eating the salmon. This seems to me to be the best choice, as it keeps you away from the bears and is not too cold.