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Nice work gents.  That's a helluva hunt...
  I finally made it back to the midwest to...
Last call.....
word on the street is ol Eric Welsh.....shot one...

2011 javelina hunt

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Great shoy SMOKE! I had an awesome time!


- Team DIY


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Another great hunt down in the books. For those of you who are wondering about that hole in the pocket, its from the 2 blade rage and that is his lung sticking out. Those broadheads sure do some damage.

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Awesome shot, Smoke! Damn, I love Rage BHs. Great story and sounds like you all had a blast.


Al Quackenbush
Team DIY
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A blast for sure. That was a really good group of guys and Eric always keeps us laughing.

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Good job Gabe!! And thanks again for taking the pics while we were there!


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Nice pig man it was a fun trip sittin around the lantern like it was a fire haha

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Nice Shot!  I too love hunting those Javalinas!!!  Thanks for sharing your hunt with us!


Faron Hembree 

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You had to say that Bubba. I forgot about us sitting around the lantern. Now I kinda feel like a city dork.