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Insane muley!  Lots of trash on that guy....

2015 AZ success story

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first off im glad to see some activity on here again you asked us to share some success this buck I took was not archery I took him with a muzzleloader Dec 14 2015 in AZ we hunted right on top of him the first three days never seeing him on day 4 we got snow so I took the day off and took my wife and kids out with me we glassed a mid 170s 4x5 and I figured I'd take him if they could watch from our glassing spot I snuck in and he gave me the slip so I hiked back to my family and my wife wanted to go try and find him again we never could but as we headed out of the canyon my wife spotted this buck at 150 yds and I took the shot he ran 30 yds and fell over right on front of us after the 60 day drying period he grossed 232 4/8" such an awesome blessing to have my family there for it! !!!


team wac-em

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Insane muley!  Lots of trash on that guy.  Congrats!