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hello everyone
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Insane muley!  Lots of trash on that guy....

2016 Az Javi with the boys!

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On to 2016! With the new year brough new memories! Eric, Jeff and Myself decided to grab a Javi tag each and head off to Az and see what we could do...

This was such a fun trip, I dont think we ever stoped laughin! We were ther 4 days and on the 3rd day it was like a switch went off, we found a group right way in the AM and I killed mine out of that group and then we were off to find another group... A couple hours later Eric found another group and Eric killed one and Jeff followed up right after with a big ol boar! 3 stink pigs in one day...that will work! I forgot how fun these lil guys are to bowhunt!

We got ALOT of this on film...If I can ever get Eric to upload the film we will put it up for ya....


  12 Insanity cpxl-(FS)-B-Stingers all around-Hogg Father 4x-Edge-Wise Guy-Victory HV1 300                             12 Insanity cpxl-Hoggit 7 w/wrap-10.25 B-Stinger w/11oz out front-Tightspot-Victory HV1 300 w/Wac'em                 cutting the way-all this love cut loose by a Wise Guy

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Nice work gents.  That's a helluva hunt to go 3 for 3, plus all in one day!