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8th Annual Big Bear Carp Roundup - June 25 & 26, 2011

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This is a fun event. I have been there for the past 3 years. If you decide to compete as a shore team, you better bring your "A Game". The same guys have won this the past few years. If you want to compete with them, here are few things they do:

1. scout the lake the week in advance

2. wear camo, the fish can see you. These guys are the only shore team that wears camo...they win every year.

3. have a stringer attached to you dont ahve to walk back to shore to put the fish on the bank.

4. having the fish on the stringer while you are in the water conserves water weight. If your fish are on the shore they will dehydrate.( the whole contest is determined by total weight.)




- Team DIY


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Is big bear lake open year round to bow fishing? I was thinking about taking the family there this weekend if it is. Am I too early for the fish or will we still get some opportunities? Do you have any favorite spots you'd be willing to loan out for the weekend. We've never been before just looking to get started.

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The fish you are permitted to shoot are only around durring the warmer months. As far as spots, they are all over and the really goods spots always change with water level. They usually spawn at the end of april or beginning of may but with the weather that we have had this year?? Good places to start are usually around Standfield cutoff at the east end or the dam in the later part of the season. The dam will normally be deep water shots whick are a lot harder to make but the fish have always been there.Try starting of by driveing around and watch for the splash of the fish or look for the good weed beds. You may not see them splashing in the weeds but you can hear them when they suck air.