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Advice for Kentucky Elk Hunt

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Start scouting as soon as possible!!!!

Look for cows...sometimes bulls will leave their area when the start to rut. So if you know where the cows are, the bull will eventually show up. And herds of cows are easier to find than a small group of a couple bulls.

Make sure that you get good calls, and a few different types(that have different sounds). Sometimes when a bull is not responding to one call he will to another. Also, having a few different calls will make it easier to sound like a herd of cows when calling.

Practice, Practice, Practice!!!!



There are a ton of calling videos on youtube.


A lot of guys have success with bugles, but sometimes a bugle will scare a bull off. If you have a bull responding to cow calls, then keep up the cow calls. Don't over do it. If he bugles, give him a cow call in response. If he sounds like he is coming closer, then be careful. When he gets within a hundred yards he will be able to pinpoint you, and he might be wary looking to see a cow. He might hang up because he doesn't see a cow. So if he is coming in hot, let him come find you. This might not work every time so use your judgement.


Find a water source that the elk are hitting and put a camera on it. On warm days elk will need water every day. This will be a great place to hang a stand.


- Team DIY


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 I don't have any specific Kentucky advice as I live in northern Alberta, but I do know a little on calling elk and I'll share what has brought me success.

as Eric said, buy a few different calls and learn to use them all. My advice, if your hunting public land, is to stay away from squeeze calls, as every "elk hunter" and his mother use them. Bulls get call shy, especially the older bulls. Buy one bugle, a smaller tubes one, so you don't sound like a 400 inch monster. Now practice prectice, practice. Use bugles early in the morning to locate. Don't over use it. Cow calls are your best friend. They will often bring a bull that las 100 yds. 

Once he responds to you, start closing distance, and make all steps possible to get the wind in your favor. As hard as it is keep your excitement down to a minimum. Iv blown a lot of opportunities and learned the hard way to try not to rush it. Don't worry to much about absolute silence. He's expecting this cow to be walking, so chances are you won't spook him by snapping a few twigs or stepping on dry leaves. 

Anyways I hope this helps. Once you hear one coming in you'll never wanna stop hunting em. Iv been addicted for years. Good luck and bloody arrows!