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Arizona Unit 22 or 23

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I don't know a lot about 22,23 accept that 23 is probably the most rugged unit in the state but also has good coues deer, be a little more specific on what you need and i will see what i could do for you.

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Yeah plan on buying an over the counter tag we are going to leave on the fifteenth of january and hunt(scout) for five to seven days we are completely green to the area the only thing i know about the units is the info on the AZ fish and game website which is very little i purchased some blm topo maps to help out we would prefer mule deer but not against coues info im hoping for is should i stick to one unit over the other, and within that unit should i concentrate on one specific area (northern,eastern,etc...). Just a good starting point cause right now feels like finding a needle in a hay stack.Any info appreciated



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if your still looking for a place in unit 23 to get started try A CROSS RD. I hunt the end down by the lake for muleys and pigs and up in the canyons for couse. also the quail hunting was pretty good last weekend. so bring your shot gun.... hope this helps