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Az early season mule deer

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My 16 year old son just started archery hunting and I want to take him out and try to get a buck in his sights. I have hunted unit 21 during the general rifle season but don't know if it will be good for the early archery season due to the heat. Any one got any good areas I could take him? He isn't worried about antler size. Just wants to get into some critters.....

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 I have no help for you on the early hunts.  Most of the hunts we do near that area are late season Dec-Jan which pulls the buck out during the rut.  I say find a water source and then scout as much as possible in late summer.  They will be moving around looking for water by then.  If the Monsoons hit it may change the water senerio. Good Luck.  Kurt

Eldiablito (not verified)

 Chap Dog thanks for the reply. I have been getting out and doing a little scouting just worried about the heat in that unit. I spent the Jan hunt with my son in 20a and got him close to a ton of deer but no luck on getting him a shot. I might try up there again or possibly unit 8.....

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Welcome to the site Eldiablito!

I have spent some time in 21 but not lately. My best advise would be to spend some time scouting. Look for water as it is very important to those critters, especially during that hot, early season. Find some high points to glass from and go hunting!! Best of luck, and please post pics!!!


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Eldiablito (not verified)

Big Wave,


Thanks for the reply. We have been able to get out and scout a few times and have seen some decent bucks. Hopefully we can find them again in a few weeks...... Gonna look aroung 20a as well.....