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Az rut is at a close

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The rut in Az is over. Didn't harvest the buck i wanted. The down fall is i have no deer jerky for the year. The plus is i get to look forward to another season. August velvet! It was good to see deer moving but not the champion i had in mind. plenty of other tries down the seasons

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 hello i was in southern az jan 11 to 18 i saw almost not rutting  old scrapes   congras  

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 ELKREAPER.....the rut is wide open right now bud!!! Get out there and findum bud!!!

FYI.....this thread is from 2012.....buton a good I said...its goin on buddy get out there and put a arrow in one!!!


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    Yea i didnt see the date till after i posted  Yikes    cant make it back till aug  :>   i did see one giant easy 115 120 type buck  almost had him but murphys law was on his side  , passed  6pt at 24 yards still hunting ,  Hunted new unit this year lots of sign just old , lots of mature does just alone no bucks showed up