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AZ trying to give our Elk tags to the highest bidder!

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this to me is crazy there are alot of hard working people who  cant afford to pay the kinds of fees this is requiring ive lived in az my entire life and ive only had 2 elk tags i know guys that get drawn every year or every other year everyone wants to keep hunting going most of us hunt to eat i know thats not an  excuse but alot of our tags go to hunters that just want the antlers dont get me wrong i would love to kill a monster but whats happening is wrong with this picture i hope more hunters and even other states dont let this go unnoticed what happened to the bottom line is money not friendship tradition or even passing it on to the future everyone should have a chance to hunt not just deep pockets for some of us this is our way of life not just a hobby concerned az resident

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That crap makes me so mad! Arizona already auctions a ton of tags every year. On top of that they give the buyer 365 days to hunt the animal. So when somebody like you or me has to play the draw for 20 years to get a premium tag the guy that can pay a quarter million dollars for one gets to run in before our season opens and take his pick of the best animals. I understand that every game commission is in need of money but what about giving the average sportmans a chance? If they want to auction a few tags thats fine but I think they should be held to the same season as the rest of us. I just hope the money off these tags is put to good use and not just thrown away on useless crap.


Eric Baler~DIY Field Staff

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They are just reinforcing that this is a rich mans sport and the anti-hunters are right.


- Team DIY


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Very Sad deal!  No subscription for Elk hunter mag for this cat!