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Bass Pro Archery Seminar

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 I am also set on the trip into the Trinity Alps and as I get more and more details, ill keep everyone interested informed.*


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Hey there,  Im not interested in heading north as I am already up here.  Have you an Idea which area you would like to hunt.  The snow is almost gone already in the alps so scouting is going to able to start one hell of alot earlier.  Let me know where you want to hunt and Ill head up in the hills.  I am seriously looking foward to this.  I am a solo hunter right now so anychance to hunt with other people intrigues me alot.  Let me know what going on.

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Thanks for coming out, Brandon. It was great to finally meet you. The seminar went well yesterday and the feedback you and Brett gave was invaluable. Thank you. I hope everyone got something out of it. Heck, even I did!

Good luck with your trip up north and let me know what you find out about that tag. Cheers! ~Al


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I was a great day at Bass Pro I only left spending 50 bucks. I did pick up my bear tag and a few bobcat tags. Im getting more excited everyday to get out this year. It amazing as i sit back and take in what more of the experienced guys know Im like a sponge just trying to get as much knowleged as I can. Also meeting a few others that made the drive to BPS for Al's seminar( I didnt get the Couples name but any guy wearing a Catalina Offshore Products is good in my books). We will have a good group getting out to El Do in the next few weeks. Now its time to get the boots dirty and spend some time behind my Binos. Al it was a good seminar that i think everyone ending up learning a few new things. It was also great to sit back for over an hour and bs about hunting, life and good times to come. If Al dose any more seminars I will try my hardest to get out there as he always has reat info.