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Calif. NASP Title!

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Hey guys long time from a post for me I have been super busy with the kids wrestling and now softball season, and training the wife for marathons its crazy.  Along with all the family stuff though I have been working on a little something on the side at work.  Read the post below.  Thanks for reading, Kurt

Sultana High School Archery Team takes State NASP Title
Hesperia, Ca. - Sultana High School took 1st place this year in a state wide tournament becoming the 2015 NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program) California State Champions. Head Coach Kurt Chapman, a current teacher and Outdoor Club Advisor at Sultana High School, started the NASP program at Sultana High School in 2010 as part of the Outdoor Club. With Mr. Chapman’s leadership the Outdoor Club gradually increased in size and participation each year since to a total of about 150 shooters in the tournament this year. Along with Mr. Chapman, Lt. Col. Hayslett and SMSgt. Moffet of the Air Force Jr ROTC at Sultana High School also contribute to the program. Sultana High School has only one sponsor of their program which is Bass Pro Shop located in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. “Archery and NASP are great activities for students to get involved in because they require some serious focus and discipline. The shooter must work to become consistent enough to get scores to place in competition,” Chapman stated. Mr. Chapman also stated, “This is a great activity not only for those students that enjoy outdoor activities but it also allows other students that may not participate in sports programs at SHS to be able to become involved and active in an on campus club or after school program. Archery is one of the favorite activities in the Outdoor Club. Other activities include Flycasting and tying, Camping and Survival skills, GPS classes, photography and more.” The Sultana students started training in the middle of October and then again in February to get ready for the tournament. Last year the Sultans finish 3rd in the state tournament. The California State NASP program is part of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife in Sacramento ( which is funded by the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Program. “What is great for us here at Sultana is the fact we did not have to travel to a state event which most likely would have been held in the Northern region of California where the majority of the schools that have NASP programs are located. This tournament was a Virtual Tournament which means we did not have to travel. We had another BAI (Basic Archery Instructor) Instructor certify our scores which helps us cut the cost of team travel, that could be upwards of $1000 dollars, which schools don’t have.” Chapman also stated that his NASP program is the only remaining program in San Bernardino County and one of sixteen in all of Southern California. A total of 75 schools in the state have NASP programs in the K-12 schools. “I am really proud of the shooters this year, it got pretty competitive with our shooters toward the end of qualifying to see who would be on Team 1, Team 2 and so on,” said Chapman. Sultana actually fielded 4 teams to shoot in the tournament. Team scores were made up of the top 12 shooters in each team and the teams had to have am minimum of 4 boys and 4 girls. “The Colonel, Sargent and I were amazed as we watched the shooters perfect their skills. Our jobs were to coach them on proper form and fix and tweak their little inconsistences. I think we did a great job and the kids proved it in their competition,” said Chapman. Sultana had 4 students place in the top three places for the High School Boys’ and High School girls’ categories. Manly Arviso(11th grade) placed 2nd in the state for High School boys along with Aislynn Heywood(12th grade) placing 2nd in the state in the High School Girls division, each scored a 281 out of a possible 300. Cristian Grijalva(11th grade) and Elissa Spaeth(10th Grade) placed 3rd for the Boys and Girls High School divisions for Sultana as well. “I was just as pumped to find out that we had won the title as our shooters since this is only the second year we have competed in the State Tournament. The students put the time in and followed the guidance we gave and it was a great end to a wonderful year for the archery team,” Chapman said. “What is even more amazing is almost the whole team comes back next year, so I am hoping these students continue what they have started here at Sultana.”