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Camera Arm

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This doesn't seem to be a hot topic for you all. But I love the new perspective that filming my hunts brings to the outdoors. For those of you that are interested in filming, or those that do film already, I'd like to show you all a new product that is soon to be hitting the market.

A buddy of mine out of central Indiana makes these arms under the name of "Motion Camera Arms".

I'm not here to say these are the best, or cheapest. But I believe that he is hitting on the right price range and he makes a pretty good arm for we DIY'ers. It will hold most handicams on up to the GL series of canon camcorders. I run an XL1s, and it is a big camera. It holds my camera fine, but I think it is a bit bouncy for my liking, so I am working with him to develop a sturdier version for those folks running bigger cams.

It'll set you back about 100 bucks. But comparable arms are double that. And the owner is one hell of a guy. If ANYTHING goes wrong, he's going to make it right.

Here is a few pictures of my arm/ camera combo.

A close up of the up/down adjustment.

Here is the mounting bracket close up...

Thanks for looking!




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I like it! Looks sturdy.


- Team DIY


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 I just checked out the camera arm you are writing of and i think it looks nice. I would like to see the mounting for the camera at the base and how it swings and moves from a full side view of it. I amd currently running two Muddy camera arms and am more then willing to try a new and upcoming company if it works with what i'm doing and its weight is less then what im using now. Im really looking for a lightweight arm that im able to carry in the back country for self videoing elk and mule deer hunts. 

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 Looked at the web page. i think it will work for my DSLR's but not my larger professional video camer. But I think i might try one for my elk hunt. Thanks for the information you have posted.