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Carbon arrow inserts - What glue do you guys use?

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i clean them out real good with alcohol and q-tips then use something like a super glue, any of them CA smelling glues work locktite, gorilla glue, if you are going to start flecthing them too just use the same glue


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Gorilla glue does expand and can cause a mess. The crazy glue does work pretty well but the prep is still the most important part no matter what glue you use. Just like RYERSONHILL, I use rubbing alcohol and qtips.

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For Target tips-Super Glue,Put a small line from top to bottom of insert and turn them as as you put them in.You got to be Quick! Wouldn't use it for broadheads!!!!

For Broadheads-Two part quick dry epoxy, Again a small line and spin them as they go in, Epoxy will give you time to line your broadheads up. I use this for all my arrows.Bohning has some or just get some at a hardware store.




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