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DIY Camo Dip Kit

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Looks like some cool stuff. I may have to try some out.


Al Quackenbush
Team DIY
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I will buy one if some one else does it first. Al, see if you can get one for a review.


- Team DIY


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We did some camo dipping with our deer skulls and have been very pleased...


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 I have not done one personally but I have seen some things that buddies have done. Mainly bows. Based on their experience they said the prep work is horrible. All of them said when you think it's clean enough keep cleaning because the film won't stick and it will peal as soon as you touch it. Also any areas that have a lot of contact with hands like bow grips will wear off fast. Like I said I haven't played with them personally this is just what I have heard. I sent a bowfishing bow off to a pro to dip it just based off of what my buddies said