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The value of a trophy is measured in sweat and...
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DIY Utah Pine Valley Archery Buck

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It's been a long time since I stopped in here. I've been busy and hardly hunted at all. It's been at least 3 years since I've had any success bow hunting.  I snagged this little 3x3 in Utah's Pine Valley Unit near Enterprise this last weekend. I spent the whole day from first light to dusk spotting, stalking, getting busted out by a road hunter when I was sitting on choice of 5 and finally shooting this little feller at about 7:15 pm. 55 yard shot sitting down on my butt with my "Midget Bow" as Mike Enright calls it. I spent a couple of hours getting a stalk on a great big 3x3 buck and got within 30 yards but couldn't close because there were too many eyes on me. He was with 4 other bucks and about 15 other does and fawns. I was scooting on my butt, crawling on my hands and knees and my belly to get in the middle of this herd. It was getting late and this little 3x3 gave me a perfect quartering away shot at 55 yards. I'd worked so hard to get there I forgot about the big boy and took what was offered. I'm not the least bit dissapointed. That was Saturday, 9-11 and by the end of 9-13 he was Bratwurst, summer sausage, backstraps and ground meat. I've eaten about 5 pounds of him already. I really took my time and spent the whole day processing him. I seperated all the muscle groups and removed every bit of silverskin and connective tissue and arteries and the result is amazing. He's delicious!


Overkill is underrated.

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The value of a trophy is measured in sweat and pride, not in inches.  Helluva hunt, and a great buck!  Congrats!