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Exercises to Stengthen Bow Draw

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Thanks for joining us!

Maybe this video will help.


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Thanks.  That makes alot of since.

I'm going to give it a shot.

Have a great weekend!

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Here is an idea as well. This is the Bowfit Archery Exerciser. It's a resistance band that can help strenthen the muscles used to draw your bow. Not a bad price either.



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I use the Bowfit and it works great. Helps keep you going when I use it.

Dan, I would recommend signing up for BowAmerica e-magazine. The new issue will be out on Monday. There is a specific article regarding Archer's Shoulder. I have had bouts with this and it'll be a good read for you.


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 I use a lot of IcyHot, and make sure I stretch before and after my sessions real good, even when I don't think I need to. It's routine. You don't need to get a lot of fancy equipment. Go to target and get that light weight resistance tape used in Yoga. If you have an injury, doing light exercises is better. Not a doctor obviosly, but that's just what I do. Also, slow down between shots...but honestly, that goes to the way side with me, I shoot as if a boar are going to charge me!


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dumbbell exercises are good so are push ups and pull ups. also when i practice shooting i hold as long as i can before firing while in a stand ( i practice as i hunt).  haven't tried a bowfit exerciser though i have heard good things about them. 



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I have a bowfit that I use but here is another idea. Find an old recurve or longbow at a draw weight that isn't going to hurt your shoulder. Shoot daily as you are able. Don't worry about sights, try to develop your instinctive shooting as a side benefit. One season I decided I was going to hunt with my recurve. It is about 63 lbs at my draw length. I shot all summer long. The first day of elk camp I took a practice shot at a stump and my bow's lower limb exploded. No back up bow in camp. I was able to get my wife to bring my old compound with her on her way to see her sister in Utah. 100 mile round trip and with a stop at a bow shop for a few things and I was back in camp tuning my bow. It was maxed out at 70 lbs. The first time I came to full draw it pulled so easy I scared myself. Shooting that recurve all summer had dramatically increased my strength. You may not even be able to shoot at first but it is basically the same as using a bowfit, with the added bonus of being able to shoot some sticks.

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 wvhunterdan others have posted the tried and true methods of building the muscles needed to draw your bow.

I would only add an additional strength resouce in as Dan is a strength trainer, owns a few CrossFit gyms and is a bowhunter himself.

Having said all of that, I feel that you should get the shoulder looked at before you do any of the recommeded excercies or programs. Maybe go to a highly recommended "Sports" chiropractor or a physical therapist that knows sports. I had a similar situation, went to a "highly recommended "Sports" chiropractor" and he found that I had partially dislocated my shoulder over a period of time. He thinks maybe due to side-sleeping... Anyway, with several visits to his office, I was back to pulling my 76lb bow!

I will step down from my soap box now :^)




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 I've had to do physical therapy on my shoulder as well. I have a workout that the doc gave me and one that I made. If you have a total gym machine that would be best for the range of motion for your shoulder. But the gym workout is a circuit. Lat pulldowns narrow grip 10 reps, wide grip to the chest for 10 reps and then behind the neck for 10 reps. Then move into the rows (can be done with machine or dumbbells) for 10 reps. Lastly fly/reverse fly. 10 reps on your chest flys and 10 reps for the dealt flys(reverse fly). Do this circuit 2 times, 3 if you can. The only rest you get is from moving from one machine to the other. (Also gets the heart pumping for cardio) You will quickly notice increased strength in your shoulder and back for your draw.