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fletching orientation

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Are you shooting fletchings or feathers? I dont think I ever had a problem with feathers since they give and have never shot an arrow with anything else off the shelf.

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Shooting feathers.  Seems like they are showing a bit too much wear on the tips.  I raised the nock a bit and it seems to help.  I'll keep experimenting till I get it right.  Seems like tuning a longbow takes alot more trial and error.  Thanks for the reply and any tips you have.

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 I shoot all my cock feathers out. I also shoot a 2 piece pad as to leave a small void in the corner of shelf for the hen feather to run down. I fletch my arrows then turn the hen to run down the void. The cock feather will still be out to some degree.

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Cock feather should be facing away from the bow. The reason we shoot feathers off the shelf is because they collapse and don't effect the shot. If you are having tuning problems then it is likely that the nock not placed properly. A good place to start is to place the nock is about a 1/2 inch high this will give you plenty of clearance.