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G5 optix xr sight or spot hog hunter

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Spot Hogg all the way. They are bullet proof!


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Spot Hogg!!!

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 Spot Hogg....bullet proof...I use mine as a framing hammer all day at work, then when I get home I just put it back on my bow and pound the 12 ring......


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Spot-Hogg. You'll find more great reviews and testamonials on their products than on the G5. While the G5 may be a great sight (have no idea) those Spot-Hogg take a beating and still hold up.

How many pins are you looking to have on the sight, Brett?


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After looking a little bit more on line the G5 sight pins are not as protected as a spot hog. The spot hog pins look to take a good beating to get them to break. The G5 pins look more exposed. Im looking for a 5 pin fixed. I dont think i want a floating pin just more moving parts. I think im going to get the spot hog hunter. Time to ebay some paintball stuff.

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I didn't want to believe the hype on Spott Hogg for a while, and then I got one, then 2, then 3.  Believe the hype.  I have 2 hogg its for my target bow (indoor and outdoor), and a real deal on my hunting bow.  Just a little bit of advice on buying an adjustable sight instead of a fixed pin.  It puts you into a harder class at shoots.  I might be selling that real deal if you're interested.



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