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Marlin Fishing

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I'm Getting married in Sept. and going to Belize for the honeymoon.  i'm booking a day of offshore fishing for marlin, wahoo, sailfish, tuna, sharks and whatever else we can catch.  I can get a day of fishing on a boat without a fighting chair for $550 but with a chair is $850.  For the extra $300 I can get a full day of tarpon, permit, and bonefish, etc...  I like to think Im tough enough to fight a marlin without a chair but I've never done it before.  The guide is a well known local and he said "we'll make it work" without a chair.  He said the marlin range between 120# and 500#.  My question is; does anyone have any experience with these kind of fish?  Would you recommend booking a boat with a fighting chair?


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I've not been personally but have several friends who have. If you hook a big fish like a marlin that is a top fighter your going to wish you had a fighting chair. I say go for the memories and no regrets. Spend the extra $$$ and enjoy!

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Sounds like a blast either way. Id say spend the extra for the chair...try to manhandle the fish yourself and if you cant handle it go take a seat in your $300 Have a great fishing trip non the less.


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 I would say no chair. As long as the reels have good drag and you can hold on tight the skipper can back the boat down on a monster. SAve the 300 and take the new wifey out. Congrats by the way. Chair or no chair you will have a blast 

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Do not fish from a chair...  So/Cal long range fishing is done stand-up style for all types of game fish, that includes all of Baja and East Cape.. Chairs are for wimps with a winch for a reel.... Save that extra cash Johhny...


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How did it go?


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