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Mathews' stock bow strings.

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I bought the new Mathews Monster about 6 months ago. This is one of the best bows I have shot to date. The only problem I have is the strings.


The center serving fell apart at about 100 shots. Now at about 400 shots into it, I had to get new strings. They ended up stretching about a half inch and there was serving separation in 5 different places.


It seems to me that for the amount of money I paid for the bow that the strings should last a least a season. Am I wrong in expecting this? Are the stock strings made by Barracuda? How long are your strings lasting?



- Team DIY


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Your strings should last ALOT longer than 400 shots! I am shooting new strings from Piranha Custom Bowstrings and I have probably shot 4500 arrows through them in the last 3 months getting ready for Vegas and they still look new with no stretch and no peep rotation..... In my opinion all string manufacturers should strive for the same quality strings that Piranha built for me.....


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i just bought a z7 this year and i have put about 1000 arrow threw it and i haven't had any problems. maybe you just got a bad string??  good luck getting that problem fixed.

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