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Monster DIY boar

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HI guys

I know its been a while since my last post but I finally got some time off from work and managed to get out after some more pork! I went out to a new area where a close friend had been out a few months prior and seen some signs of pigs and tryed my luck. Took me 4 days to get on the pigs & 2 days to seal the deal but I managed to harvest my biggest boar to date! 

I started out with my normal hiking trip through the area my friend said he saw the pigs a few months ago and found their old signs, I followed/tracked them till I found where it loked like they were moving through the area with some kind of regularity and set up 3 trailcams to figure out if they were moving anywhere in this area. after setting up the cameras I spent the next 3 days sitting at vantage points glassing, moving and glassing, moving and glassing. on the afternoon of the 4th day I checked my cameras and fornd hundreds of pics of the pigs moving through the narrow canyon between 3pm and 6pm. The choke point Im setting up on is about 60-70 yds wide so i know if i get one in my sights in this spot I can let my bowtech invasion eat! on the 5th day the wind was all wrong for the canyon so I decided not to hunt that evening and just glass the other canyons. With the wind perfect for the 6th day and everything looking good I hiked into the choke point and waited for the hogs to start moving through the canyon. I saw the first pig at 3:15pm but it was a small pig about 60# so I passed on it, about 30 min later I herd the brush move and got ready, there was a group of pigs 20-30 strong moving through but were so close together and moving so quick I couldnt get a clean shot at a single hog. After they passed I decided to follow them being that I was on the down wind side. After trailing them for about 30 min and light fading fast I finally got to a point where they stopped and presented me with a shot, I took the closest pig to me which was about half the size of the bigger ones he was just closer to me. I ranged him at 38 yds and put my 40 yd pin on the top of his back and let it fly. I swore I hit the hog way forward from where I was aiming so I called a friend to help me look for it. It took him a little over an hour and a half to get to me from his house and we went to look for the pig, at first we couldnt find any blood at all but I saw which direction it ran so we went to where I saw it last and started looking in the direction it ran. About 25 yds from where I saw the pigs last we found half of my arrow broken off from where it hit a tree. after examining the arrow I realize I got about 18 inches of penetration and knew this hog was down somewhere. About 10 yds from where we found the broken arrow is where the blood trail started (crazy how far the hog ran before the blood trail). after following the SMALL spots and drops of blood through the brush I looked up and saw an ear & a nose sticking up from a brush pile and yelled there he is! Only after getting up to him did I realize how big he truely was. It took me and my buddy over 4 hours to get him to the truck. we tryed to weigh him on the scale my buddy had in his truck but it bottomed out the 300 pound scale! We estimated the hog to be about 340-350 pounds. We then loaded in into the truck and I mand my way home. I hung the boar in my garage to cool off. I got up the next morning early and started the cleaning process (skinning and butchering). I called some frineds over for a BBQ and grilled up some porkchops and ribs. 

Hope yall enjoyed my hunt and will hopefully have another fun story this spring turkey season!

A look from the top of one of the hills above the canyon I found the pigs in!

Size of a monster sow track! You can tell by how pointed the toes are. Sows have more pointed toes than boars because they dont cover as much ground as boars.

Size of a monster boar track! you can tell by how rounded the toes are. Boar have rounded tracks like this because they cove more ground looking for sows.

Nice cutters!

This pic does no justice on the side of this boar! I'm 6'1" 225 pounds and this boar makes me look like a small kid.

Another pic of the cutters.

hanging the next morning.

Skinning the beast! this boar had 3 inch thick shields!

some of the fresh meat! 

Porkchops bone out!!!!

This is why I hunt!

Putting the smoker to good use!

check out how much meat is on this wild boar! it was crazy good.

Yet another reason why I hunt! 


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had better run pretty dam fast!

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 Great hog! Good story, way to get it done.

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 Now that's what I call BRING HOME THE BACCCCOOOOONNNNN!  Great job!

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Very nice! Do you prepare wild pig the same way you would domestic pig? Do you let the meat hang for a while before butchering or do you butcher it right away? Any special preparation tips?


Eric Baler~DIY Field Staff

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 Thanks guys

as far as prep goes its prob the easiest meat to do! there is no need to age or hang the meet for any period of time like you would beef, the meat is ready to be butchered as soon as you get it home. I personally hand the meet over night to let any leftover blood still in it drip out. preping for dinner is very easy as well. only thing you really need to remember is its not a dimestic pig with lots of reserve fat so take your time with low heat or you will have a nice piece of pork jerky when its dun lol. I usually prep the meat the night before with all seasonings on it and let rest in fridge over night. the best advice i csan give anyone cooking wild hog on the grill is to go low and slow! dont rush and keep a spray bottle of water next to the grill. every once in a while if the meat looks a little dry give it a spray or two. hope that helps and good luck to all of you out there


That which does not kill me

had better run pretty dam fast!

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Very, very nice... I really enjoyed the story, and the pics.. 


Wood 1  

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I'm so hungry now......



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