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Nevada goat down

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On August 1 I was able to tag my first antelope with a bow. He is no monster but he is a trophy to me.

Our hunt started at 1230 am on aug 1 when we woke up and loaded up into my truck for our 1.5 hour drive to where we parked. After that we had a 2 hour ride in the side by side to get up to the blind that I had set up. As it was getting light out we had 22 sage grouse come in and water and not long after them we had 6 small muley bucks come in. At about 730 this buck came into water. He was chasing a coyote that was chasing the doe with him. He hung up at 95 yards while the coyote watered at the hole and I almost let this buck walk so I could shoot the coyote. My shot was 52 yards. I was able to get a pass through shot that got both lungs and top of the heart. He ran 27 yards from where is shot him to where he piled up.

I am beyond excited with him and cant wait to draw another tag!!! im super bummed I have to wait 5 years before I can get one though. I scouted 23 days for this hunt and all that hard work paid off!

I was shooting my maitland halo 32 set at 61 pounds with carbon express maxima arrows, aae max hunter vanes with 2 degree helical and 100 grain g5 striker broadheads.

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 YA!!!!! Nice bro!!! way to start the year off! Congrats on a dang good lope! .......really want to see what you captured on that camera there bud.... 

Way to start it off Nate.....think your the first one to post up a 2014 big game grip-n-grin pic!!! Congrats amigo!!!



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 Congrats!!!! Nice lope.  One of these days I will get a goat tag and I hope to score one like that.  Way to go.  

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 Wow!!! Congratulations on a great antelope!!! I see the video camera in the picture. I hope to see the footage of that hunt soon. Awesome Buck.