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New Gear for 2014

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 Ok, well some of us are already hitting it hard and some might be getting ready to hit it hard!!!

Lets hear it....lets hear if you have some new gear your really lookin forward to puttin to the test this year? 

Ill start, I have a few thing that Im beatin up already and seeing how they hold up to us hard core DIY hunters!

Im running a new pack this year, the new Badlands Summit pack. Ive packed out a bear, and a good 150# load of elk meat out thus far...friqqin BA pack....

the other is a high performance light weight pair of hiking boots, there the Salomom XA PRO MID GTX. A few years ago I switched to a really light weight boot and am really liking the idea, these boots have been the perfect blend of light weight and heavy duty enough to be the perfect little boot.....still alot of hills to hike so we will see!

I will do a complete video review of these products and let you all know how these new products hold up to the hard core sport we all call DIY bowhunting!

So...what ya got????


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 I am trying the Soloman Speed Cross this year with gators. So far, I think they are a little loud and maybe need better insoles. Ill keep everyone updated.


- Team DIY


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 I just got a big agnes flycreek ul1 ultralight tent.  Havent got the chance to use it yet, but it weighs about 1/2 what my rei half dome does.  Less roomy, but should feel better on the back.