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Nikon or Bushnell rangefinder?

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I use the Bushnell Scout with ARC and like it but have not used the two you are looking at so I am not much help to you.


Eric Baler~DIY Field Staff

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 I have the Nikon and like it. I also use it when I golf and find it to be very accurate. The only other range finder I have used is on a friends binoculars. Hope this helps.

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 I see that the Archers choice ranges 5-99 yards. Does this mean max range is 99 yards for the unit, or that the ARC max range is 99 and the unit will range farther on flat ground? That is how it seems to be set up for the Bushnell. Equivalent in range for the archery mood, then it ranges flat ground to either 650 or 850 yards. 


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I use the Archer's Choice and love it. I only use mine for archery though. If you are looking for something to go a longer range try something new. You'll be happy with the AC though.


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I sold my old Leica LRF 900 this year and bought the Leupold RX-1000i. Small, light weight and very accurate.

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 Can't beat this in price, performance, range or warranty.


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 If you are set on those 2, I would choose the Nikon

Another item to consider is if you hunt with a buddy frequently, ensure that the rangefinders measure distance very close to one another. I have a buddy who hunts with the Bushnell and it is nearly 2 yds off from my Opti-Logic and Nikon rangefinder.

Why do I bring this point up, say you see a nice deer you would like to shoot. A yard or two off at this distance is a quick path to a missed opportunity




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