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Nocking an arrow on the way to the stand?

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Ridiculous, absolutely not!  Always expect the unexpected. 



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Reminds me of a story,
Once upon a time Joe StCharles was hunting elk with us.
Their family is all about "doing it right", I even took my NBEF course at their store.
His brother, Jay, was one of the instructors, so "safety first".
We described a good trail to still hunt (we don't use stands).
As he was just getting onto trail from road, a big cow elk stepped out in front of him.
By the time he got an arrow out of his quiver and onto the string, the cow was gone...
As he put the arrow back in his quiver, another cow elk crossed the trail !
Now he figured out that there were elk nearby, he nocked an arrow and waited...
after several minutes of nothing happening, he replaced the arrow in his quiver and began walking again...
Out jumps the bull !!
He now hunts with an arrow nocked, at all times when in the field.

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 Thats a great story! i have seen similar things i my own hunting which is why i always have one nocked 


 Have you ever seen a lion strech before it takes down a gazelle 

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