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RAGE- Broadheads???

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I'll be using Rage2-blade100gr broadheads for gobblers this spring and for whitetail this fall. If you use or have used them please tell me your experiences, good or bad.

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I shoot G5 Montecs 125gr. and my son shoots 100gr  2 blade Rages. Last year my son shot a buck, that took a hard left turn as he was touching off his release.... well lets just say he hit the south end of a north bound buck... that buck didn't make 20 yards, and he didn't have a drop of blood left in him. WHAT A BLOOD TRAIL!!!!!!!! That was the first buck I've seen that was hit with a rage... very impressed with the hole.

 The next day I shot a buck with a Montec he was hit a little high and back but a double lung hit. He ran a ways and then (thankfully) came stumbling down the hill towards us where he expired. I walked up to get my arrow and check out the blood trail.... I'm glad I saw him die because there was very little bllod trail just a drop here and there, he would have been a S.O.B. to trail.

 Point being: my buck had a better hit, but a crappy blood trail. His had a blood trail Stevie Wonder could have followed.

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Ive been shooting the Rage 2 blade for about three years. They have caused more damage to the animals I have taken then the other heads I have used, You can go through this site and see a lot of photos and stories about them and I will say that blood trailes are very nice.

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Thanks guys!.........Your stories are getting me excited!......Cant wait. 

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I was a muzzy 3 blade broadhead shooter for years last year I switched to the Rage 2 blades and I will never go back, the blood trail was more than the trails I have seen with my .308. If you want I can send you a picture of a deer after I skun it out and you can see the wound inside it is pretty devastating

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I have lost 2 bulls with the rage two blade. I know some people are having problems with them opening up during flight. You can put a small piece of duct tape around the blades to keep them from opening before contact. I think they are a great head, just cant always count on them. I use the Muzzy 4 blade.....strong, sharp and very trustworthy.


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I use both Muzzy's and Rage's ..... I use Muzzy's on elk and Rage's for everything else ! Like everybody else , the Rage leave one helluva blood trail but I still cant make myself use one for elk just because of the reason Eric has run into .

I would suggest using a fixed blade for any large boned game animals like elk, moose, bears etc...but for everything else , im totally sold on the Rage !


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I have shot a few deer and turkey with the rage 2 blade, wow, what a hole. However, I did hit one deer in the shoulder with a rage, resulting in about 2 inches of penetration. I only use them for turkey now.

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Sure rprovera!......I would like to see it. If you would like send it to  that would be great.  Thanks Chris.

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I have killed 5 elk in the last 4 years.  I killed 4 of them with expandable broadheads.  The first two with a 125 grain Vortex and the last two with a 3 blade 100 grain Rage.  I was very impressed with the performance of the rage.  If you shoot an elk in the right spot they are going down.  The two elk shot with the rage went down in less than 50 yards combined.   I also learned from experience, it doesn’t matter what kind of broadhead you use when you hit the leg bone of a big bull.  I have wounded two bulls, one with a fix blade and one with an expandable.  Both broadheads only got about 3 to 4 inches of penetration from a bow shooting a 405 grain arrow at over 305fps.  As cousin once told me, hunters have been taking down elk with a stick and string for hundreds of years, it's all about shot placement. 

I will continue to shoot expandable broadheads, like the 3 blade rage or blood runners,  at elk until they come up with something better.  They are both able to destroy an elk rib on entry and exit on a broadside shot. 

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I love Rages for Whitetail. Myself and several of my friends have shot many a Deer using them and are amazed everytime with the entry hole and blood trails. Im more of a Lung kind of guy as far as shot placement on deer which is what I think Rages are better suited for. If your looking to blow through shoulders you may want to go a different route. 

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I've killed a ton of deer with the rage 2 blade. Love em but they are not very strong if you hit bone in my opinion. Pretty much a one shot broadhead. Use them for deer but not for hogz, use Hell Razorz for hogz. I've got a bunch of bent rage broadheadz, smashed channelz & broken bladez but they were all pulled out of dead deer if that helpz. Ya'll messed with the titanium ragez at all yet?


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I used a Rage 3 blade on a Nevada deer hunt and shot a huge 190" buck at a hard quartering angle, dropped it right in the pocket and didnt get crap for penetration! I went home and threw them in the garbage and got my Muzzy's dialed in and went back and 4 days later smoked a 174". My brother was with me and shot a great buck at 40 yards perfectly broadside right behind the shoulder with a Rage and it didn't even exit the off side. Maybe our experiance is the exception but with the way some of the new fixed blades fly today (Muzzy MX series, Shuttle T-Lock, Etc.) I dont see why somebody would shoot an expandable, just my opinion obviously.In short I was not impressed with my first experience with mechanicals and will probably never go back. I killed an Elk, 2 deer, and a bear with shuttle T-Locks in 2010 and got complete pass-through's on all of them and watched them all fall.  


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I'd love to see a picture of the hole! I am shooting Rage 3 blade and thinking about switching to the 2 blade. Have yet to kill a deer with them but looking forward to it!



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Entry hole for you

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Nice. I've seen many pictures and many, many videos. Absolute outRAGEous! 


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great broadhead. i have shot a turkey and numerous deer with them. i have hunted black bears with them but i have yet to shoot a bear that i want to take home. its the only broadhead ill use until i find something else that appeals to me. they are great and shoot very accurate for me up to 80 yards.


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 I personally haven't had any luck with EARLY models of the Rage.  For heavier set-ups or higher producing KE set-ups there were just some issues.


I did spring for a pack of the new Hypodermics when I went back to Kansas to hunt Spring Turkeys this year and the local shop had their Deep Six in stock!  Even tagged a 10 1/8" bearded CO Merriams with it!  Impressive!!


Looking forward to throwing one through a CO Antelope and Co High Country Mule Deer.


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I have killed critters with Rages and they will get the job done. I have, however, found a better broadhead.

Grim Reapers IMO are a better choice. IF nothing else a Grim Reaper does not have O-rings to screw up things.

Take a look at Reapers and as they say, "Watch em Drop"




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 I have been using the rage 100gr two blade for a couple years and haven't been let down yet. What I like best about them is the massive hole it cuts and when switching from field points to broad heads the group stays the same or gets tighter. Good luck with your hunts.