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ScentBlocker Products Declared Superior by Federal Court!

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Cannon Falls, Minnesota - Robinson Outdoor Products, LLC maker of ScentBlocker® brand hunting apparel recently received a favorable ruling and was released from all claims from the Federal District Court regarding its advertising claims and tested superiority of its products’ performance.

Robinson Outdoor Products (fka: Robinson Labs) invented and introduced the concept of scent control products for hunting with the advent of its revolutionary Scent Shield brand of products and is today recognized as the world leader in the category.

In 2009, Robinson, with its ScentBlocker products, was added as a co-defendant in the infamous "ALS Class-Action Lawsuit" along with original defendant ALS/Scentlok, and others. Today, Robinson announces that it has been released from all ongoing litigation by the court.

Recently, the Court issued an injunction affecting other branded scent control products. Robinson, and its ScentBlocker products, is not named in, or any party to, the Court’s Injunctive Order. Consumers and retailers alike can buy ScentBlocker products with complete confidence.

The Court’s ruling supported Robinson's ScentBlocker product claims and found as fact: a.) activated carbon can adsorb human odor, b.) ScentBlocker contains more carbon, c.) ScentBlocker carbon is applied into the garment by unique technology and methodology, d.) ScentBlocker tests superior to other carbon and non-carbon apparel.

The Court agreed that tests prove that ScentBlocker products are effective in blocking the permeation of human odor and that its carbon-based fabrics are regenerated to an effective level of continued performance after washing and drying (in a regular household dryer).

Scott Shultz, Company President stated, "We are quite pleased that the truth about the performance and quality of our products has been upheld in Federal District Court. This court ruling unquestionably validates what we have confidently maintained for many years that ScentBlocker products are based upon our unique and proprietary carbon technology which really, truly works as claimed. We have experienced the proof of performance in the field; we now have legal confirmation from the Court."

“Even in today’s world of over-aggressive advertising, the category of “scent control apparel” has been a hotbed of gross misrepresentation by others. The Federal Courts send a clear message that it will not tolerate wild claims that carbon adsorbs 100% of human odor and that antimicrobial hunting clothing can somehow actually eliminate human odor by itself! Conversely, our product’s outstanding performance and our advertising claims have been upheld by the Court.” 

He went on to say that ScentBlocker has recently introduced the first innovative scientific advance in the carbon hunting apparel category in more than ten years. New ScentBlocker Cold Fusion™ with its incredible ability to adsorb odors at unprecedented levels is the most powerful and effective carbon technology ever available to the hunting market. Years in development, born on the military battlefield, tested and proven, Cold Fusion carbon technology represents the next chapter of scent control for serious hunters!

“We make awesome products, Shultz said, products that are built by hunters; for hunters. Products that perform well, that will enrich your personal experience afield, and products that will improve your success.”

"I believe that ScentBlocker's excellent reputation of high performance in the field, plus the introduction of new Cold Fusion technology, and the Court’s validation of our technical performance claims; all combine to reassure consumer confidence and solidly position ScentBlocker as the clear-cut trustworthy leader in the product category", concluded Shultz.


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