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Scrub Bull

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the scrub bull or wild ox is widely distributed across the top end of Australia. They are wild cattle, they have no brands, no ear tags and no contact with humans except for the yearly cattle muster.  they do however have a bad ass temper! These cattle elude the bull catchers, choppers, motorbikes and horsemen each year by out smarting and out toughing them. they are worth good money at the meat works when caught but catching them is something else. A big old bull has played the muster game many times. when he here’s the choppers and vehicles he heads for the cover and saunter of the many rivers that flow through this area. once under the canopy of the large trees that line the banks they are safe. nothing can catch them!
these animals are amongst the toughest and smartest in OZ. I feel extremely privileged to have taken this animal as they are worth money when caught. Sometimes though the money it costs to catch them out weighs their worth. The property owner on this property was more than happy for us to knock over a few old bulls because of this factor.
this was day 12 of or 14 day canoe trip. we were craving red meat, there is only so many barra a guy can eat! Ben "The Butcher", Chris "Man Mountain", Brad "tangles" and my self headed out to check a swamp that showed great promise on the topographic maps. About 800yards from our camp Ben stopped and pointed out the large beast. he had shot many before and asked who wanted it. I was keen i hadn't shot 1 before and was eager.
the bull was feeding unknowingly quartering away about 100 yards off in a large patch of burrs. only his back was shown but it was easy to see from his immense size that he was a big bull!
I took off my shoes and began the stalk. i made it to 20yards without the bull knowing of my presence. an arrow was nocked and soon on it's way. the shot was good. the bull exploded out of the burr and circled down wind of me to try and pin point what had just fatally wounded him. I was out in the open the only cover i had was the burr in which the bull was during the stalk but he was now on my side. there was a tree 20yards away from me. all this was going through my mind as the big bull circled down wind until he hit my scent. when he stoped at 35yards i new it was game on. he meant business! he looked straight at me, snorted and pawed the ground. snot and spit was flying from his mouth and nose! he wanted me BAD!
I needed another arrow in him so i nocked another and drew- not real smart at 30m when face to face with 1 of Oz most dangerous animals...
I only had a front on shot but took it. the bull was down in about 20yards but thankfully not in my direction!
many pics where taken.
I loaded the rumps and tenderloins into my pack and carried both sides of ribs and back straps over my shoulders. I felt like a hero walking into camp. the cheers of excitement filled the air. both excitement for me and excitement to eat red meat. 
what a great bunch of guys to hunt with!
He fed us for 2 days.
unfortunately without refrigeration we weren’t able to keep more.
I would rate this animal as 1 of my most prized to date. the hunt, stalk and shots were just unbelievable i will never forget how close to danger i was!


"Get amongst em"" 

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Great story, congrats on your trophy you will have to post some more photos of other animals that you shoot out there we don't get to see that sort of wild game to often.