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Steve Chappell "Signature Series" Elk calls

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I have had the privilege the last couple of days to spend some time with Steve Chappell who is an amazing Elk caller and full of Elk hunting knowledge. If any of you have an Elk hunt planed for this fall or even thinking about going Elk hunting I would highly suggest you take a look at Steve's calls. The signature series calls that Steve has designed sound amazing and WORK, if you log onto his site he has video to prove it. Visit his website to read more and gear up for your next Elk hunt.

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The link is missing a letter. Here's the right link.


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Thanks Al.


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x2 on this steve is hands down the best caller for natural sounds and some stuff us elk hunters dont know the estres scream or the CHAPPLE SCREAME . his calls are made for natural sounds and all work great the challenge is a screaming call for bugling .the closer is just a great call for well the name sells its self .and the orange reed is well the one that makes the chapple screame .this is just my input to a great caller who has great calls bugling bulls game calls or just look up CHAPPLE GUIED SERVICE .com. lots of people make calls steves calls work .....

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 Steve has also partnered with Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls & Supplies (old name-Bugling Bull Game Call) been using their calls for myself and clients for years with great success. Our customers have commented on how easy they are to use and don't strectch out so easily.




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 I've gone with the ElkNut calls for this Fall, been told they sound a lot different to the Primos ones I'm already using. Soon see, as they should be here next week :)



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