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Texas Shes

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Found 26 white tail sheds and 3 Axis deer sheds of the fire it was awesome. Some where kind burnt but still cool lookin

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Pickin up sheds while your working, hard to beat! I've heard the deer are thick down there, it would be fun to go hunting in Texas.


Eric Baler~DIY Field Staff

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You seem to find sheds everywhere. Nice!


- Team DIY


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That looks just like the horns I saw for sale on ebay last week!   LOL

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Thats awesome.

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Dude, you are the shed master!


Al Quackenbush
Team DIY
The SoCal Bowhunter Blog -
PSE Archery Blogging Staff - PSE Blog

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Wow thats ridiculous. Nice work! Looks like my lifetime shed collection in one day.

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Ya seen a shit ton of deer it was awesome! Found most of the sheds in one day it was crazy. I will get the title right next time "Texas shes" lol !!