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Nice work gents.  That's a helluva hunt...
  I finally made it back to the midwest to...
Last call.....
word on the street is ol Eric Welsh.....shot one...

Trinity Alps trip 2012

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Hey Brandon,

Great story and pic's, you definately worked hard, too bad no meat in the freezer...  That is some good shooting from 70 & 80 yd.'s... I won't even try to shoot past 50... I did get a chance to put a stalk on a big buck out in the desert but he spooked before I got to him... That's huntin' - right !!


Wood 1  

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Nice write up and photos!

Bringing home the Bone is always nice, but you still came home with some great memories.

 Thanks for taking us along!

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Awesome write up, Brandon! Too bad you weren't able to connect, but at least you had a fun experience and learned a lot. How'd you like the tip on the putting your bow on the back of your hunting buddy? Good stuff, right?

Way to shoot some cool pics, too. I'll bet you are already starting to plan your 2013 trip aren't you?



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+1 Great write up! Great story and pics.


- Team DIY