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Tule Elk Down

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Well with the truck loaded i took off for the Owen's Valley at 1a.m. Fri. morning with high hopes of filling my Tule Elk tag that took me 10 years to draw.....first i want to thank a couple of close friends of mine Chris and Tim, who decided they were gonna get me guide for this hunt do to the fact of my work schedule and talk of layoffs i would not have the time really needed to get up there and scout. So they hired Jerry (aka Coyote1) to locate some bulls for me....lets just say he did a phenomenal job.... i was able myself to make it up for 3 days of scouting myself in which i hooked up with Jerry on the Sun. i was up there scouting and he showed me around the valley......i'm sure everyone thanks its and easy hunt cause they see the Elk in fields right off the highway in Tinemaha area but by no means is that the case. Tinemaha would have been great to hunt as we located some great bulls there but after last seasons incidents they closed the whole Tinemaha area which led us to look into other spots. We looked at an area around Lone Pine and we did locate a nice 6pt. and a tall 7pt. both had a little breakage like most of the big bulls we were seeing....but we also knew that this would be the area the other 4 tag holders would be hunting sure enough we were right so Fri. night Jerry and i discussed the game plan for Sat. morning which was a pretty easy decision we did locate some good bulls around Independence but it was not going to be easy because of it being open country and we knew we would not have to contend with the other bowhunters. Now its opening morning myself Jerry and my friend Chris who has never see an Elk in the wild set out to the area well before daylight.... we got to the spot we would be hiking in from which was about a mile maybe a little more to where the Elk would be. So with the game plan laid out i put on my pack grabbed my bow and the most important key in my scent control was the fresh Cow Elk Estrous i got from my buddy off his Elk Ranch in Idaho...put it this way we had a small satelite bull actually follow our tracks until he walked a few yards from and realized we weren't elk. We locate a nice 7pt. but he is a good ways out and has five young bulls and spikes following him, as Jerry and i are talking we spot a big bull who had his whole left main beam broke off and most of right points bustedoff heading our way and i mean he was coming so we set still and i got the video camera ready we were nestle in behind a clump of reeds and this bull came within 10 yards and bugled and then he realized as he stepped from behind the tules we were not elk lol it was awesome especially for my buddy Chris who has never experience this. So it was gettin late in the morning the heat was rising and the elk were beeding down, so we decide to scoot around the front of this big tule patch to see if we can spot this big 6pt. i wanted to shoot so we start to sneek around the front cause we figured they were bedded so after crawling and some hunched over walking we were trying  to stay low as possible we get to a spot i figured was close to the area the big 6 is bedded and drop my pack and Jerry and i had Chris stay back in case we spot them and a stalk could ensue, Jerry and i go another 100 yards and i start glasing to the west and a small bull gets upand walks out across the pasture still see nothing as far as the big 6, so i start to walk along the tule line a little further stopped and glassed and then i hear something from my left i glass to a very small tule patch 35yards out and i spot antler tips so i turned to Jerry and he says hes not a monster but a good bull and hes not broke up so i move to my right a little more and then i spot the big 6 but he is 153yds out in the open pasture bedded with a bunch of cows no shot and would tough with all the ladies around,so thats when i decide i'm not gonna pass up an opportunity on my first Tule Elk at 35yds it may be the only chance i get so i turn to Jerry and say i'm gonna take him with video running he stands up at 35 i go to full draw he moves out further and stops now i can't range him so i decide he is at 45yds. and i let my arrow fly my shot was a little high and a little back but a solid shot to the lungs but he ran out to well i thought was 70yds and stopped now i'm thinking my shot was to far back but elk are tough so i thought he was at 70 so i knocked another arrow at this time he quartering away my yardage was off he was more like 77yds but my arrow went through his back leg and got a little intestine not the gut sack and then thats all she wrote he ran a little and bobbled and finally went down then the high fives began and i had my Tule Elk on the ground and all caught on video. My buddy Chris came running over and said that was the most awesome thing hes ever witnessed next to the birth of his son...LOL..Sorry i'm not much of a writer! I will post the video as soon as i can get it downloaded. Thanks to Jerry, Chris,Tim and a special thanks to Don N. and his son jess a couple local fellows far all there help in gettin my Elk out of the heat and taken us to a hanging tree in the shade cause boy was it hotttttt!


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Great story and Bull!!...sounds like you guys had a lot of fun, congrats.

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That is awesome, Frank! That is one heck of a story and I am super stoked you were able to arrow a Tule Elk! Great job being able to not only pull the tag, but to make good on it. Well done!


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Congrats bud. That is AWESOME!


- Team DIY


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Great story!! Makes me want to go hunt right now! Congratulations!!


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 Great story and animal. Way to get it done. Congrats. 

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That is awesome!!! Cant wait to see the footage.


- Team DIY

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Congrats on the Tule!! Awesome story! Way to go. Can't wait to see the video. Man, what a shot.