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Wanting to start my own archery shop

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I think an archery shop is a great idea if you have the audience locally to support it. However, I think you're going to have a hard time making a go of it out of your home and keeping a full time job. Product is the only thing that can really keep the doors open. Selling bows and accessories is key. An archery shop typically purchases product at wholesale and resells the product at a 40% margin. If you have a $100 retail product you purchase it for $60 and you make $40 when it sells.The archery ranges are needed for testing products and the initial investment is substantial if you are planning to do so. I know I personally don't like the fact that my local shop is closed on Mondays. Even though they are open the rest of the week, I find that after a weekend of hunting I want to go in on Monday to tune my bow, or buy a product that I lost or need. Tuning has become a freebee for folks that buy bows at shops as well. So I don't know that you'd be able to charge much if anyting for tuning bows. Not trying to discourage you but why think small? If this is your dream....put a business plan together, get a partner, or go to the bank and get the $$ and open a real shop. Of course you have to have the demographics to support such an investment but it would be worth it in the long run if this is really what you want to do for a living. Just my two cents.


Mark Renner