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Washington State Commission Approve Lighted Nocks for Bowhunting

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Washington State Commission Approve Lighted Nocks for Bowhunting

The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission gave a long-awaited thumbs up for a lighted nocks
proposal late last week. According to The Spokesman Review, hunters such as Jim Sutton headed the measure
four years earlier in Washington, one of a handful of states that forbid its use. Many hunters see lighted
nocks as a beneficial tool that does not give the hunter who uses it a significant advantage in shooting game.
Instead, the primary use of a lighted nock is to aid the bowhunter in finding arrows on the field so hunters can
then address how and when to track the animal. A majority of states allow its use in bowhunting, although a vocal opposition in Washington kept the proposal at bay.


Click the link below to read the whole story.


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Cool, a small victory for the bow hunters of WA… Now they need to get mechanical broadheads authorized for hunting.