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Which bow will I shoot this year? Decisionz, decisionz, decisionz....

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I have been tryin to decide which bow i'm goin to use this year on all my huntin adventurez. Every year I get a new bow for the upcoming season and this season was tough to decide which to go with. I hold no loyalty to any bow manufacturer so i wanted to test em all out and see which one was ahead of the rest. I've owned a bow from almost every bow manufacturer out there. This past year I used the 2010 Hoyt Maxxis 31 Bone Collector. Awesome bow, harvested several animals with it. Hard to let it go but it's time to move on. I went to S&S archery to test out several bows including the Bowtech Assassin, Mathews Z7Magnum, Hoyt CRX 32 and the PSE Dream Season EVO in the first line up. Here's my findings Then after the 1st part was complete I went back for the second line up of bows which were the Bowtech Invasion, Hoyt Carbon Element and the Mathews Monster MR6. That was fun! Part 2's findings were very interesting, Now the tough part was pickin which bow i was going to take home. I couldn't, not yet. The winner of the 1st part being the PSE Dream Season EVO and the Mathews Monster MR6 took the 2nd line up but takin a step back the 2 were head to head. I am about to re-shoot the 2 and see which one I will take home. hmmm... PSE Dream Season EVO or Mathews Monster MR6?! I am still up in the air because both will be awesome bowz... either way i will be leavin S&S Archery with a sweet bow!! Do any of ya'll have a MR6 or EVO? What do ya'll think of em?


John MacPherson

704 Outdoors