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AAE Max Hunter Vanes Review

Arizona Archery Enterprises (AAE)
Max Hunter
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AAE Max Hunter Vanes Review

For the past three months I have been shooting Arizona Archery Enterprises Max Hunter Vanes and I have nothing but good things to say about them. Originally, I was shooting Blazer vanes and while they work great, but the Max Hunters work better. For me they worked MUCH better.

In comparison, the Max Hunter is a different design than the Blazer. I first laid eyes on the Max Hunters while watching a hunting show and I couldn't help think about how odd I thought they looked. Like they say, I really should never judge a book by its cover. Ever.

First off, you can get the Max Hunters in only one size. The 
specifics are 2.1" long, .590" high, .024 thick and they come in eight 
colors: Black, Bright Green, Fire Orange, Hot Pink, Purple, Sunset Gold, 
White, and Yellow.

 vanes themselves are a bit thicker than most, but I feel that this 
helps correct the arrow in flight much faster. When shooting these in a 
crosswind the AAE vaned arrows corrected faster than the Blazer vaned 
arrows and I was more accurate with the AAE vanes. There are other 
benefits with the vane being thicker than most. I shot more than one 
arrow through another vane, on more than one occasion. I then took the 
arrow with an arrow hole through two vanes and shot it at 60 yards. I 
hit pay dirt. Again. Even with holes in the fletching the arrow flew 
true. (It did have a nice airy, whistling sounds, but this was just for 
the field review). When I did this with the Blazers, my arrows flew 
erratically and were not consistent.

fletching, they go on each properly prepared arrow securely and 
with the AAE glue, they hold extremely well. I never had any fletching 
tear off when shooting it through mesh. On the other hand, more than 
once, the Blazers (with their glue) did come off when shot through the 

hit the range multiple times in the past three months. The AAE Max 
Hunters corrected faster and my arrow groupings were tighter that the 
Blazer vaned arrows. Same arrows, same field points, just different 
fletching. I was more consistent with the Max Hunters and even some of 
the spectators at the range noticed.

Max Hunters fly true and are, in my opinion, the best vanes on the 
market. Let's put it this way, for the first time ever, Sunday I decided
 to go out and shoot at 70 yards. So, I adjusted my pin to what I 
thought was close and shot 5 arrows. I hit the target , but wasn't as 
close as I wanted. One adjustment later and I had all five arrows in the
paper plate. At 70 yards! For many western hunters that's not a big 
deal, but for this guy who has never shot anything over 60 yards, well, 
this was awesome. It felt great and I will continue to shoot the Max 
Hunter vanes on any arrow I shoot because I believe in them. 

in all, I give these vanes a 9/10. They are excellent. The only reason I
didn't give them a 10/10 is because they do stick a bit inside some of 
the fletching jigs because of their thickness. Other than that, they are
 superb and I'll back them 100%.