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GameHide Packable Camo Clothing/Rain Gear Review

Journey Jacket and Pants
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Camo Clothing/Rain Gear
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GameHide Packable Camo Clothing/Rain Gear Review

Quality camouflage clothing is something I take pride in. When it comes to quality rain gear I naturally want the best. I haven't used a lot of rain gear in the past, but for the past year I have used the GameHide Journey jacket and Journey pants, and they have performed flawlessly!

The Journey Jacket description from the GameHide website:
The perfect packable rainwear jacket for those wet or threatening days afield. The jacket packs into the side pocket and our HydroCore laminate will keep you  dry and comfortable in the worst conditions. Yet, it's quiet enough to wear as your everyday camo! The mesh lining is soft, comfortable and slides on easily. The two large zippered slash pockets will hold a ton of gear. Our AirFlow zippered back vent allows you to regulate your temperature with the pull of a zipper. This jacket comes with an attached hood that has a built in visor. Topping off this incredible garment is Gamehide's Freedom Sleeve, a feature designed for enhanced movement and range of motion.

The Journey Pant description from the GameHide website:
This feature-rich six pocket packable rainwear pant offers ample storage without the weight. The deep mesh-lined front pockets are ample in size and help the garment expel moisture. Two large side cargo pockets with dual snaps will hold extra gear. The internal mesh lining is comfortable and allows the pant to easily slide on and off. The pant legs feature waterproof knee high zippers and snap adjustments on the leg openings for a custom fit.

When I first took my GameHide camo out of the box I noticed how incredibly quiet and soft it was. I figured there was no way that this would be waterproof. It didn't feel waterproof. It felt like it would be comfortable and I have never had comfy rain gear. Plus, this gear rolls up into itself so you can pack it well. Another bonus, right?

I have never been so wrong about something as I was about my first impression. The perfect opportunity to test this hit when I went pig hunting in central California. We got rained on for three days and a day full of sun on the last. Time for the test!

My GameHide clothing went on super quiet. When I walked it barely made a sound. As an archer, I want to be as quiet as possible. I also want to be able to stay out hunting as long as I can. There is nothing worse that trying to hunt in a cold downpour and trying to stay focused. Fortunately for me, I didn't have to worry about that - at all!

The day I brought it out in the rain was a doozy. Constant downpour. I had no other rain gear with me, so I hoped to God this would perform. I had to walk a quarter mile to my spot. The entire time it rained and the entire time I stayed dry, warm and very happy! When I arrived at my lookout point the rain had not subsided. I had an hour and a half before I was to meet my hunting buddy. So I waited and glassed the area and saw nothing, but I sure was dry. The clothes never felt so saturated that they were too heavy to walk around in either. I felt good. The rain gear is not plastic and it's not roasting hot. It's breathable, soft and moves with you as you move. I was very impressed! Even the hood on the Journey jacket has a short brim which was great for making it a bit rigid as to hold in in place as the water flowed over my head.

An hour and a half  went by and I called up my buddy. He lasted a half hour and was already back at camp. I decided to stick it out. After all, I was dry on the inside of my clothing and I was also warm. I hiked around for another hour before my hands got cold enough where I had to head back and warm them up by the fire. When I got back to camp, everyone was either soaking wet or cursing the weather. I kept my mouth shut until one of them piped up and asked me why I was still in my wet clothes. After I explained why I was so warm and dry they started cursing me in jest.

I wore the jacket and pants all day and for the most part I stayed dry. I say most part, because by the end of the day the clothes did get some water down my neck when I took my hood down to cool off. Big mistake as my undershirt now acted like a wick.

On the fourth day, it was very sunny and the mercury was consistently rising. Another great opportunity to test these out in the field. The temps started off low, but were set to creep into the high 70's. I ventured off to go hike up the mountain behind camp to look for hogs. After a a short jaunt up the trail I began to get very warm. Instead of taking the jacket off, I opened the pockets and the rear vent to let cool air in and the hot air out. This worked very well! I was able to stay fairly cool when I was hiking slowly. Once I started hiking up the mountain I began to get very warm and the pants don't have a vent (unless you count the zipper). I wasn't about to hike around with my fly down, so I stayed warm and got a bit sweaty. Not terribly so, but enough where I had to take more breaks to keep cool. This really wasn't so bad in my book. It forced me to move slow and in doing so I stayed comfortable.

I was also hiking in tick country. Actually, it's more like a tick haven, but you wouldn't know it when I was there. I was fortunate enough not to get a single tick on me when I was hiking through the brush. Nor, have I since while wearing the GameHide. I am not sure if the clothing has a treatment to it, if the ticks don't like the material or if I've just been lucky. I am going to go with the latter.

Back at camp, I aired out the rain gear to let it completely dry. I then decided it was time to test the packability. The jacket rolled up into itself and you can actually pack it into its own pocket. Pretty cool stuff! The pants rolled up very easily and I was able to pack them into my backpack with ease. I have to say that I was very impressed.

All in all, this camo rain gear is the most comfortable I have ever worn. I actually still use it one days when it's very sunny. Why? It's just that comfortable and light. I give it a 5 out of 5 stars and I would recommend the GameHide camo to any hunter planning a backpack trip where it might get rainy and wet.

*Additional NOTE: Whatever you do, DO NOT wash these with ordinary laundry soap. It'll take away the rain protection properties of the clothing. I spoke with another person who did exactly that. He had to buy a new pair!


great review, im going to

great review, im going to have to pick up a pair of those. The only rain gear i got are my fishing slickers and you can hear me coming 10 miles away. Stupid pvc, works great on the water