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Binocular Chest Pack Review

Alaska Guide Creations
Binocular Chest Pack
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Binocular Chest Pack Review

In a market that has recently become flooded with binocular chest packs, the choices are plentiful. I have both a Sitka bino bivy and a Badlands bino chest pack on their way. 

I recevied my Alaska Guide Creations pack yesterday and right when I pulled it out of the box, I knew it was made well. Although construction is a plus, functionality of the pack and protection of your valuable optics are the two most important. Heck, if a pack was made crooked and looked like crap but held enough stuff and protected my bino's I would choose it over a nicer looking pack any day of the week.

The AGC pack has all of the needed features. It comes in your choice of the two King's camo patterns. I chose King's desert.

At first glance in photos, it looks bulky because of the square corners as opposed to the rounded design of the other two I mentioned. It is not at all. In fact it is impressive how small it is but how much room it has at the same time. I had no problem fitting my Vortex Razor HD 10x42's in the nicely formed and padded main compartment.

On the front of the pack there is a zippered pocket that holds my rangefinder nicely with room for extra stuff like my tripod adapter. On each side there is a zippered pocket that my Garmin Oregon 450t fits in snuggly. Both side pockets have an angled zipper that starts about a third of the way up the pocket to prevent items falling out. On the back of the pack, there is a pocket that is flat which will work nicely for tags and identification. The pack does also have a breathable back piece bearing a bright american flag that holds all the straps together and all four buckle at the pack itself for easy on and off and easy adjustabilty.

This pack does not have bino anchor straps, but they can easily be added.

My personal rating is a 9 out of 10 just because of the lack of the straps. If storage is important to you, this AGC pack has a hand up on the other two packs because it eliminates the need for any additional pocket use on your backpack or adding another pouch for carrying the rangefinder. Great job AGC!!!


 Thanks Dave! If anyone is

 Thanks Dave! If anyone is interested in a pack, I offer them to DIY members for 50.00 including shipping! You can send me a PM or call me 435-229-2969