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Arizona Archery Enterprises - DOA Arrow Rest Review

Arizona Archery Enterprises - AAE
Black DOA
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Arrow Rest
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Arizona Archery Enterprises - DOA Arrow Rest Review

 Arizona Archery Enterprises (AAE), has raised the bar with their new "Full Capture" D.O.A. arrow rest.

I mounted the rest on a 2012 Hoyt Carbon Element. Right off the bat it was super easy to install. If you dont want to tie the cord into the serving it comes with an EZ-Clamp to attach the cord to the down cable. I made a few adjustments and shot it through paper....BULLET HOLE!

I then shot a few arrows. Starting at 20 yards and out to 60 yards. The rest functions perfect. I rest never interfered with the flectings at all. I am impressed.

How is this rest so fast?

From the Factory:

The DOA is constructed with dual ball bearings, a feature that most top drop-away rests dont have. Also, inside the housing is a "trigger" mechanism, like a rifle would have. That is where the speed comes from.

Because of that speed, when the arrow is released the rest stays up for 14-16 inches of arrow travel and then drops. That is where the accuracy comes from. Most of the more popular rest, like the QAD or Rip Cord will fall instantly when the arrow is released. So you will definantly get more accuracy from this rest. It is not just my opinion, its physics.

The rest can be ordered in black or Lost Camo. It also has interchangeable mounts: Hoyt, Hoyt Carbon, Mathews, and standard (Universal for PSE, BowTech etc.).


  • 100% Arrow Containment
  • Fastest rest on the market - rated to 380 F.P.S.
  • Stays up even when you let down
  • Fast easy set-up
  • Dual ball bearings
  • Stays up for 14 -16 inches during release for more accuracy
  • Great price


This is a thumb-up only rest. It does not come up on draw. That is due to the design of the "trigger mechanism". A small price to pay for more accuracy and speed.

Here is a high speed video of the DOA in action on a PSE EVO.















Make sure you watch the high speed video's for the QAD and Rip Cord. You will see how those rests instantly drop! Just search on YouTube to find them.

You can pick up this rest here on DIY in our STORE 

Here is a Video showing the easy and fast set-up of the DOA.



Great review Eric! I

Great review Eric! I currently shoot the Rip Cord and this review was excellent. I do like the concept of the trigger design and the longer the arrow stays on there for better accuracy. Nicely done sir.