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Badlands 2200 Pack Review

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Badlands 2200 Pack Review

Packs are one of the most valuable tools when it comes to DIY hunts. It is important for a pack to offer numerous functions in order for it to be a true asset in the field. I personally use the Badlands 2200 for spot and stalk hunting. Here are some of the features this pack offers and why I like it.

First and foremost, comfort. The 2200 is designed to fit anyone from Spudd Webb to Manute Bol. The packs waist band is designed to ride on the top portion of the waist rather than the side. This reduces lower back fatigue. The waist band itself is made of a firm yet comfortable foam that provides stability while not digging in and making it painful. The shoulder straps are the same and are adjustable in two ways. The first being the front straps that determine the load that is carried by the shoulders. Some people don't realize a packs load should be distributed mainly on the hips to reduce fatigue and keep the weight lower to the ground. The second set of straps that are on the shoulder straps and easily reachable on top of the shoulder determine how close the weight of the pack is carried to the body.

The 2200 also has a water bladder (purchased seperately) that is a must when it comes to any type of trek.

The 2200 does hold a bow or rifle very easily with its patented batwing design.

My favorite feature of this pack is the specifically designed spotting scope and seperate tripod pocket. I use a Nikon EDG 65mm and it fits in the pocket just fine even with the protective jacket on.

The 2200 also has a meatshelf that doubles as a blaze orange flag and hides nicely in a pocket on the bottom of the pack when not in use. With removeable secondary waist straps, it was very simple for me to incorporate a sidearm holster in the pack without any alterations. The pack also has bottom straps that accomadate any thing too big to fit in the pack such as a sleeping bag or chairs when packing into a ground blind setup. Some independant testing was done on the 2200 for carrying weight capacity before failure and when loaded with 280 lbs, the small convenience strap on the top of the pack finally gave out but the shoulder straps were just fine. Who the heck is gonna carry 280lbs anyways???? Just goes to show the strength of the pack.

There are plenty of other features that make this pack a must have for the DIY hunter. At right around $220 bucks it is affordable as well. ALL Badlands packs carry an unconditional lifetime warranty. That means if you get mad becasue you just missed a trophy and decide to take a knife to the pack, no worries, send it back and it will either be fixed or replaced! Cant beat that!



Forgot to mention the easy access without dismounting feature. If you want to get to something in the pack but are stand ankle deep in water or mud, all you do is take off the shoulder straps, rotate the pack on your waist and the back portion of the pack has a zipper that allows you to get to something very easily.

That is a great pack! I own

That is a great pack! I own several Badlands Packs and my 2200 is still my most used pack by far. I have had well over 100 pounds on it and it holds the load amazingly well. I will be running the Ox through the load test very soon and I will opinion on it once I do. I took a short hike with it with 70 pounds and it felt very solid. I'm gonna load it down and go for a big dig and see how it does.

Yeah I love mine. I am also

Yeah I love mine. I am also going to use the ox this fall except I am just ordering the frame and using it with a 2800 instead of the enormous ox pack...That way I have the capability of packing out meat without a huge pack attached to it. I dont really ever need 4400 cubic inches.

Yeah the Ox frame with the

Yeah the Ox frame with the 2800 sounds like a pretty good setup. I'm gonna start using the Ox instead of my 4500 for multi-day trips. I dont like that it is a little heavy but I think it will work better with a load of meat because of the way the meat shelf is designed. The Sacrifice is another awesome pack because it is so lightweight but it just doesn't hold up under super big loads, 60 pounds max.

Just got one

I know a couple of guys who have this pack and they brag on it. After reading the great review I went out and bought one! I can't wait to get out and put it to use.

You will love it. There are a

You will love it. There are a ton of options I didnt cover in the review. I use mine for guiding and it is perfect for that too being as that I can pack out meat and not have to carry a bow.

badlans 2200

this is by far the best pack for any high country hunter . at that any hunter holds loads well and for me just fits great love it !!!!!