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Alaknak II Tent Review

Alaknak II
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Alaknak II Tent Review

The Alaknak II tent is a great tent!  All last year I was doing research on wall tent type tents and I read reviews after reviews. I looked at different brands, types, and everything in between. I really had my mind set on a traditional canvas wall tent but that changed as the research ensued.

What I learned for my research was weight was a big issue with wall tents, in that the frame the canvas sits on can weigh up to 100 lbs. Then add the weight of the canvas and you are talking close to 160 lbs. plus on some tents. That can be an issue while going into the backcountry on horse or just lugging it around from one base camp to the next. Also during my research I read the canvas is something that needs to be taken care of more often than synthetic type materials that other tents use. 
I had heard some good things about the Cabela’s brand Alaknak II type tents so I checked them out online and read their reviews. Everything I read made me convinced this was the tent for me. I ended up getting the tent for my birthday right before Christmas so I could test it out on my Arizona Archery Deer and Javelina hunt that was to take place Dec. 28th to January 8, 2012. 
Now for the hands-on review: The first thing I noticed was the weigth of tent.  The whole carrycase weighed under 100 lbs. which included the tent, poles, stakes, extra floor, and vestibule.  This was significantly less than the traditional wall tents by nealry 40%.  The second thing I notice was the ease of setting the tent up. After staking out the base with the 12” stakes provided then inserting the 8’ center pole the tent begins to take shape. Then all you have to do is insert the 10 perimeter 4’ poles and the entrance poles then attach and adjust the guide lines and you are done. From the time my Dad and I took the tent out of the carry bag to having the tent up was no more than 15 minutes. I also purchased the Vestibule with attaches to the front of the door to allow for more storage space and to keep wind and weather a little more at bay is a nice addition to this tent. It takes another 10 minutes to put on the Vestibule but it’s worth the extra time. Another addition to mention that I feel is a must is the Tent Floor Liner. This extra liner for the floor allows for ease of cleaning the dirt and debris that gets carried into the tent unintentionally on the bottom of your boots. The last addition to this tent I recommend is purchasing a Mr. Heater Buddy. I have written a review on the Heater Buddy so look for that in the review section. I researched that the heater made more sense in keeping the tent heated then the traditional stove type of heater system. After the use of the Heater Buddy in the tent I am convinced I made the right choice in both the tent and the heating system, no more loading up the stove and then tending the fire all night. Turn that Heater Buddy on and sleep until morning.
The Alaknak II was everything I have always wanted in an expedition type tent and more. The material of the tent is rugged enough to withstand the abuse of the backcountry or to endure that leisure camping in a campground. The material of the tent also allows for ease of clean up and wipe down at the end of a hunt or camping exploit. The canvas is what they call a waterproof 250-denier polyester oxford X-Treme Tent Cloth that is essentially cloth coated with rubberized type of coating that will last and last.  The process of setting up the tent can be accomplished by one person if needed and it is relatively quick to set up in comparison to traditional wall tents. I like everything about the tent and would recommend it to anyone looking for this type of tent. The only thing that needs to be improved is for Cabela’s to make it in the USA. If that was accomplished I would love it 100%, and not the 95% amount I like it as is. Hope this review helps any of you serious DIY hunters out there. 
Good Luck, and hunt hard and make sure you get this tent and never wonder again if you made the right choice.