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Carbomask Tactical Face Paint Review

Face Paint
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Tactical Face Paint
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Carbomask Tactical Face Paint Review
Wearing a face mask when I go hunting is something I despise. Partly because I wear glasses and partly because there's always a chance of having the fabric getting caught in the bowstring. I always fear the latter.

For the past few years I have used a oil-based face paint that works well, but it has a stink to it and is a royal pain to take off. During my search for an alternative face paint last year, I came across Carbomask and decided to contact the owner of the company. He not only got back to me, but he also shared some video footage with me and sent me a couple of tubes of his product to test out.

Inside the box was the Carbomask, some carbon soap and some Crystal Deo Spray. Carbomask is carbon based and is supposed to go on easily, dry, and wash off with a wet washcloth. Time to give it a go!

First, I needed to try out the carbon soap. It's color is black as night from the charcoal. When you use it you will get dark material all over the shower, but it washes off easily with water. This stuff cleans well, it does reduce your odor and it also feels great. It leaves behind no film or soapy residue like any of the other scent-killing soaps out there. This actually makes your skin feel great, too. It looks like glycerin and charcoal mixed, but it works. This stuff will go quickly though. For an entire hunting season I recommend having two bars.

Once out of the shower, you spray down with the Crystal Deo Spray. 
This product is water-based mineral salt formula, no additives, preservatives. Use after showering for powerful, effective protection, Especially against scalp odor, pits, stinky groin and butt, and foot odor.  Don't be a duesh! Wash your groin and butt, and use it. Fights Masculine Musky Odors. This is not a bio-active material, and contains no biocide, germicide, bacteriocide, or other anti-microbial chemistry or even enzyme chemistry. Simply places a barrier between you and the odor causing environmental interactions we face every day.
I tried that as well. It goes on well, but I didn't find that it worked too well. I didn't feel it reduced my odor much, if at all, but it was worth a shot. My body odor was back in no time, but like the website says, everyone is different.If you think this will be some miracle deodorant, keep shopping because there isn't one, but you may want to give this a try.

The Carbomask is something new and easy to use. It goes on in seconds. Yes, seconds. This is the description from the website. It's great!
  1. Carbomask is professional grade face paint.
  2. Carbomask Contains no grease, oils, esters, petrolatum, or paraffins, these smell and are ingredients used in lipsticks, and other pretty make-ups. (crayons, and military grease paint, cold creams, sticks, or compacts)
  3. Carbomask does not clog pores, like lipstick would (or mayonaise).
  4. Carbomask does not smell. (like lipstick, makeup or crayons do). (emphasis: there is no odor)
  5. Carbomask is not a "film-former" on the skin, and therefore will not suffocate your pores.
  6. There are no anti-irritants in Carbomask, because it is not irritating. Carbomask is mild.
  7. There is no soap or surfactants built in to help it wash off because it does not need any, and therefore it is not irritating, and therefore does not require an anti-irritant.
  8. Carbomask is not permanent. It will not "stain" your skin like lipsticks, make-ups, grease paints do.
  9. Carbomask stays on and comes off, conveniently.
  10. There is no "scrubbing". Carbomask "rinses".
  11. Carbomask is like a mud-mask, but does not dry your skin out. Carbomask will clean your pores when removed, and leave your skin fresh and invigorated.
  12. We use pharmaceutical grade activated charcoal which adsorbs skin oils and odors onto its microstructure. (Hence the name "CARBO"mask.)
  13. Carbomask is not "Water Proof". Do not stand in a downpour rainstorm and look up, or go swimming (our clients typically do not do these things).
  14. Carbomask will not "run" nor change the color of your perspiration. Your sweat will remain clear and un-inhibited.
  15. Carbomask can be used on the palms and hands, and you wont even know it is there. We demo our product by putting our hands in our pockets, without coming off on your slacks.
  16. Carbomask is preferred by U.S. snipers over grease paints.
  17. Carbomask can be used to "dull" any shiny object: your bow, stool, canteen, helmet, ring, etc.
  18. Carbomask comes in a waterbased gel, and feels like water (pudding) when pinched between the fingers, the gel is smooth and works into a thin coverage with gentle smearing.

This list says it all. I am very happy with how easy it applies and the flat color. The CM applies like a cream and is not oily at all. It's super easy to use and you truly can apply it in seconds. I have the smaller tubes, which fit easily into my pack. Here's where the true review comes in. I hike a lot to get to my hunting spots. I also so plenty of spot-and-stalk. And I sweat. The Carbomask stays on the face well, but around the ears and neck, if you are seating and your cloths rub against your skin, it will come off. I think this stuff is great for sitting in a blind, a treestand or even just a short jaunt into the woods. It's nice to have it on when doing a stalk, but just be prepared that it will wear off in certain conditions.

Still, I love this stuff. It doesn't feel greasy on your face or hands. You can wipe it on your clothes and it won't stain. The best part? When you get back to your car/tent/house you can remove it with a Wet-Wipe or wet cloth. I tried both and I like the Wet-Wipes. It took three or four to get it all off, but it comes off super fast. Your skin really does feel good, too. My face felt soft, clean and dry. If you want something that will apply quickly and can be removed easily, this is your ticket.
I used two tubes throughout deer season, the green and brown. Depending on how much you cover your face and hands, these will last for a while. Both tubes lasted me the season. You can see from my photo at the top that I cover most of my face, but not everything. I just want it to break up my pattern, not seem like a blog of color.

I would give the Carbomask a 4 out of 5 stars for Southern California hunting. I'd give it a 5 out of 5 for Western NY hunting. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 out of 5 for SoCal is because I hate having to reapply face paint when I am hunting. In NY, the Carbomask lasted all day long. I think this is a great product. It's inexpensive when you consider how long a tube will last, too. For anyone looking to get rid of that cloth face mask, or the oily face paint, give Carbomask a try.